You are what you eat… we all remember hearing that a time or two growing up.  The common sense behind those five words is golden but how do we implement it in reaching our individual goals?

The human body is meant to run most efficiently on whole food such as unprocessed protein sources, vegetables, fruit, and unprocessed grains for carbohydrates along with healthy fats.  What combination of those foods can be individualized based on your wanted results and lifestyle.  Rejuv has and easy starter guide, sample meal plan and cookbook on Rejuv University.

Weight loss is always the number one goal we hear at Rejuv Fitness.  The theory is most often said to eat less and move more.  This is not all wrong however it is more detailed than that.  What are you eating & how are you moving?  Is there a hormone imbalance that needs addressing?  Getting those questions answered and getting you moving in the right direction is key.

Sports performance is another goal that has very specific nutritional needs.  Depending on your sport the amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates needed to fuel your workout is imperative for optimal result.  Marathon or endurance needs are vastly different from those of a powerlifter.  Rejuv’s HARDCORE program addresses the nutritional needs of athletes to keep you on your game. 

Lifestyle changes doesn’t happen overnight.  Start by making one or two changes a week.  For example, stop drinking sugar beverages and switch to plain or fruit infused water or green tea.  Instead of heading to the couch after dinner head out the door and walk 20 minutes.  One good habit follows another.  Try a Rejuv’s or studio class to get your heart pumping and your metabolism revved up.  Reach out to one of our Medical Fitness Specialists or Integration Specialists to map out your journey.

When in doubt revert back to common sense.  Two mini donuts have 120 calories, about the same as a large apple.  Which will benefit your body more and which will prevent you from reaching your goals?