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Functional Medicine
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Functional Medicine To Balance Your Body

Functional medicine is a systems-based approach to patient based care and is better suited to complex and chronic health problems that many patients have today.
A person is seen through the lens of all components that cause disease rather than viewed as a disease “he/she is a diabetic”.  Functional Medicine finds and addresses the root cause of diseases which works better with complex, chronic, and autoimmune condition as well as hormonal imbalances.  Many patients will tell us they have been feeling tired, fatigued, have chronic pain, weight gain and haven’t changed their lifestyle, and have been trying to find answers for years.  We look at lifestyle factors, genetics, epigenetics and environment to address and balance each for optimal health.


Functional Medicine & Lifestyle:

Functional medicine treatments for chronic and complex conditions start with lifestyle, which is a very powerful treatment.  Components we address are nutrition, sleep, activity, stress and the mind-body-spirit connection.



Nutrients are essential for our bodies to work their best, for repair, regeneration.  Nutrition is fuel for every single cell in our body. Food can turn on or off inflammation, increase or decrease hormonal levels.



Sometimes we feel like sleep is a waste of time. But while we are sleeping away our brains are active, our bodies are restoring and resetting. Hormones are being regulated.



Activity or exercise is essential for our bodies to keep joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments functioning well, decreases inflammation and improves mental health.



Stress is unavoidable in life and can even be motivating, but too much stress or not having the ability to cope with stress well can be at the base of many lifestyle related diseases.


Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

Recognizing that all three of these components interact with each other at all times is important.  Just fixing the issue physically may not improve health if there are mental and / or spiritual problems.  All of these factors can contribute to physical disease.

Thanks to the Rejuv Medical team, I finally feel not only good, but great!  I’ve spent the last 3 years trying to figure out why I just felt “off”.  After balancing my hormones and getting me on some much needed supplements, I finally got my energy back, my outlook on life is positive, and my weight is stabalized.


Functional Medicine & Beyond:

In addition to lifestyle recommendations providers may use supplements, herbs, prescription medications and IV therapy to further provide the body what it needs for total balance and optimization.



There are many vitamins, minerals and nutrients that make a difference in symptoms. Sometimes patients will say adding vitamin D or a probiotic changed their life! 

Providers may use herbs, supplements that contain elements our bodies naturally make or supplements that work to improve health conditions without prescription medications.


Bio-Identical Prescriptions

You may also need a prescription to treat the root cause of your symptoms. The most common prescriptions we write are for thyroid medications, adrenal support, and male and female hormone replacement.

When possible, functional medicine providers will prescribe hormones that are “bio identical” meaning these hormones are as close to what your body makes as possible.


IV Therapy

Other functional medicine therapies may include nutritional IVs and injections. Nutrients can be absorbed and used by the body quickly and can be helpful for fatigue, immune, repair, weight loss, etc.

Peptides are used as well. Peptides are amino acids that stimulate the body’s systems to turn on or off various processes. Many peptides work in more the one area of the body.