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Integrated Care. Better Outcomes.

Rejuv Medical is a multi-disciplinary clinic providing non-surgical orthopedic treatments, functional medicine, aesthetics, and personal fitness services all under one roof. Here, physicians, therapists, and trainers work side-by-side to provide the best outcomes for each patient. At Rejuv, our goal is to not only heal your current pain or injury, but also teach you the skills to manage your pain. So you can continue enjoying an active lifestyle that’s happy and injury-free.

Orthopedic & Pain Solutions

Non-surgical regeneration & treatment for knees, shoulders, elbows, hips, low back, neck, arthritis & so much more.

Physical Therapy

Creating care plans to promote, maintain, rehabilitate and restore health & mobility based on individual needs.

functional medicine

Taking a holistic approach to treat the root cause of health concerns, hormone deficiencies, & chronic pain.

primary & internal medicine

Prevention, diagnosis & treatment of adult diseases to improve and maintain your overall health.

Aesthetic Treatments

Offering medical-grade face & body treatments from facials and wraps to hair restoration and sexual wellness.

Laser Treatments

Providing laser hair removal, photo-rejuvenation, skin resurfacing, dry eye treatment & more.

IV Vitamin Therapy

Boost immunity, energy, and metabolism with a customized “cocktail” to replenish and restore depleted nutrients & vitamins.

Fitness & Nutrition

Helping you reach your fitness & nutrition goals with metabolic testing, group & yoga classes, and personal training.

Shop SUpplements

Pharmaceutical-grade supplements recommended by our medical professionals for overall health & wellness.

“My right shoulder had been causing me problems for a number of years, after falling off a bicycle. I tried physical therapy and pain medicine, but it was not the same. I couldn’t work out, lift weights, or play tennis like I wanted to. Thanks to Rejuv Medical’s outstanding non-surgical treatments my shoulder is 100% back to normal and I am able to do everything I want to do!” 

Robert K

“I came to Rejuv Medical due to increasing back pain and lack of mobility after being told I needed spinal surgery. I tell family and friends who struggle with pain, you have to go talk to Rejuv! The whole experience has been nothing but super positive and amazing!”

Kate s

“As a dental assistant, I couldn’t do my job because of problems and pain with my right and left thumbs. After receiving injections and treatment at Rejuv, I was able to do my job again and went from taking Ibuprofen multiple times a day to not at all. It’s a good feeling being able to enjoy golf and other activities I enjoy!”

Amy S