Athlete training program.

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HARDcore Athlete Training Program

Our training methods incorporate a 7 step approach for maximum outcome results.

Our 10 week training program is designed to maximize athletes power development through emphasis on stength.

Our program maximizes sport performance through evidence-based practices.

What Makes HARDcore Elite Sports Performance Different


“Training to train!” This phase is designed to enhance strength endurance, work capacity and hypertrophy (muscle size). Work capacity is the ability to handle training work and recover from it. This characteristic is necessary for enduring the length of the competitive season. Training this characteristic helps to prepare the athlete for more stressful and advanced training later on. This phase lays the foundation for which speed and power are built on, thus the importance of emphasizing on this characteristic first is critical. In addition, by enhancing muscle hypertrophy (muscle size), an athlete can improve the potential for more strength and reduce the likelihood of injury. Phase 1 Goals: – Strength Endurance – Work Capacity – Hypertrophy


“Preparing the muscle to be STRONG through forceful contractions!” This phase is designed to emphasize on basic strength through ground based resistance training in order to produce more force. Strength is the ability to produce force, an extremely important attribute for all athletes. Stronger athletes who are able to produce forceful contractions will tend to be more successful than players that are not. Also, strength is incredibly important for injury reduction as well. Literature suggests that a STRONGER athlete will be less susceptible to injury, allowing for absorption and re- directing of forces experienced in competition safely. Phase 2 will build upon the progress of phase 1 in preparation for more advanced training in phase 3. Phase 2 Goals: – Basic Strength – Improved Force Production – Increase Intensity of Training


“Developing explosive and dynamic athletes!” This phase is designed to emphasize on the power characteristic through high velocity movements, the ultimate goal for our athletes. Power can be expressed as performing work in as little time as possible. In other words, If an athlete can perform their job faster than the opponent, odds are they’re going to win. A variety of sports demonstrate an ability to perform numerous explosive movements multiple times over the course of competition (jumping, sprinting, change of direction, etc…). The goal of this final phase is to build upon the subsequent phases to produce dynamic, explosive results. Phase 3 Goals: – Maximal Force Contractions – Rate of Force Development (How fast an athlete can produce force) – Exposive and Dynamic

From Our Champions

The hardcore program at rejuv helped me stay in shape over the summer. It was a great program that pushed me each day. I was able to see unbelievable results at the end of the program!!

Paige M.

Albany, MN

I wanted to get in shape for pre-season and did this program.  I couldn’t believe the results by following this program in just 6 short weeks!


St. Joseph