Did you know that reports of anxiety are up 25% over the past couple of years? We personally think this number is low since anxiety shows up in different ways for different people … and it’s not always easy to recognize it as anxiety. A few ways it can show up: feeling restless or agitated, having headaches and/or unexplained pains, trouble focusing, feeling tired, disrupted sleep, worrying, or rolling the same-old, same-old thoughts over and over in your head.

One of the best natural ways to get almost immediate relief from anxiety is to EXERCISE – especially workouts that get your heart rate up! It works in a few different ways to help you feel better, and studies show it rivals some prescription meds. (Pretty awesome!) Here are a few ways exercise helps battle anxiety:

  • It can get your mind off of whatever is making you feel anxious
  • The very act of moving stops your muscles from being so tense
  • Getting your heart rate up boosts anti-anxiety brain chemicals
  • Plus, it activates the part of your brain that helps control the amygdala (Your amygdala can trigger feelings of fear & anxiety) 
  • PLUS … exercising regularly can help you become less vulnerable to strong emotions

The more regular you are about getting exercise, the better your anxiety-killing results. For the best results, find activities that get your heart rate up AND that you like doing – and keep doing them. It could be an after-dinner walk … a dance class … or going for a bike ride! And … if you are experiencing serious anxiety, be sure to tell your doctor. 

Just another reason to move your body or get in that workout! 

Make it an amazing day,

P.S. We’re here to help every step of the way. So if you’re looking to start your journey or even see a provider about anxiety relief beyond exercise, our Functional Medicine department is here to help too!