Suffering from hair loss can be socially awkward, uncomfortable, and downright humiliating.  Do you embrace having less hair by trying a new hair style?  Do you REALLY embrace it and shave your head?  Do you find a wig?  These are all questions that are likely running through your mind.  But did you know that there are non-surgical options available to restore your hair growth?

Rejuv Medical offers non-surgical Hair Restoration Services to return your hair to its previous state.  This non-surgical option is completed in a series of treatments, each taking a few short hours to complete.  You are able to return to normal activities (work, exercise, etc.) just 24 hours post treatment, with best results being seen 3-6 months post treatment.  The best part is, no incisions, scarring or plugs to worry about.

Hair Loss has many common causes, including, but not limited to: genetics, hormonal changes, medication, weight loss or gain, high fever or virus and more.  Our team of experts at Rejuv Medical have the skills to treat hormonally induced hair loss through results found with our Hormone and health screening tests, yielding even better results with non-surgical Hair Restoration.

So how does it work?  Rejuv Medical utilizes PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) to stimulate and strengthen the weakened follicles that are causing hair loss.  In combination with an at-home laser comb and the correct supplements, we have seen up to 26% improvement in hair growth, after just 1 session!