Pain, Injury or arthritis? You don’t need to live with it anymore!

Do you suffer from debilitating pain, an injury that is just not healing or arthritis that is taking away your ability to do the things you love? Do you watch others being active and enjoying life while you sit on the sidelines and watch life pass you by? Do you imagine what life would be like if you could walk, run or perform again at a previous level? If so, it is important that you are informed on the options you have and up to date with current treatment options and the technology and research surround them. The good news is that orthopedics has progressed a long way and the research is backing things up.

It is crucial to understand the options you have so you can make an informed and educated decision on your health care. With most arthritis and injury concerns there will be conservative non-surgical options as well as surgical options. The first route should always be non-surgical if an option exists.
Technology and research is now pointing to regenerative treatments like PRP and STEM CELL procedures as a safe effective treatment of arthritis, degeneration and injury. These procedures goal is to heal and treat the source of the pain by inducing a healing response in the broken down tissue. This treats the pain through utilizing the body’s natural healing process and the end result is less pain, improved motion and return to activities previously enjoyed. There is a good safety profile, faster recovery time compared to surgery and much less risk of complication. These procedures can be used to treat degenerative arthritis as well as ligament and tendon injury.
It is exciting to be a physician in a time when we can truly make positive changes in the health of our patients from utilizing PRP and STEM CELL procedures to regenerative our degenerating bodies to maximizing our outcomes integrating medical fitness and functional medicine. More to come on this exciting approach to medicine and orthopedics.

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