Sleep is vital to health but what happens if you are not getting a good night’s sleep? So many of us do not sleep enough hours in the night to be restored for the next day. We wake up still tired, having to face another day.

            At Rejuv we can help you figure out reasons that your sleep is slacking. Our functional providers will take a detailed health history that will identify possible causes of sleep problems.

         There are many reasons why we don’t sleep well. Sometimes there are hormone imbalances with too much of one hormone that keeps us awake or not enough of another to promote sleep. Life choices like diet, exercise and stresses impact quality of sleep. Sleep hygiene, or your nighttime routine may be a cause of sleepless nights as well.

      Many of our patients do not even realize the sleep they are missing until it is restored. In one case cortisol levels were very high which lowered melatonin, a sleep hormone. After balancing these hormones our patient returned to the clinic stating he felt great, had energy all day and slept like a baby at night.

      Another patient going through menopause had hormone testing and started bio identical progesterone due to low levels and symptoms. Within a few weeks she told me she hasn’t slept this well in 15 years!

      It may take some time to identify a cause or causes of poor quality sleep, and there are lab tests that can help determine if a hormonal imbalance is at fault. You will have an appointment with one of our functional medicine providers to discuss symptoms and testing options. At a follow up visit test results will be reviewed and your provider will discuss options to improve sleep. This may involve lifestyle changes, supplements, medications or combinations for all of the above. Quality sleep may improve slowly over a few weeks or months or may improve quickly, depending on cause(s) and treatment.

      If you are suffering from not being able to get a good night’s sleep and being tired all day, schedule an appointment with one of our functional providers.

       Have a great day, and sweet dreams!