Do you have pain when you run?

Every year, 20-80% of runners are injured due to the repetitive microtraumas that occur to the body while running. 70% of these running injuries are a result from training errors: running too much, too fast, too often, too soon.

Besides training errors, a previous history of running injuries, weakness, stiffness, faulty running mechanics, and improper lower extremity alignment may increase your injury risk.

What can I do to prevent running injuries?

What YOU can do:

  • Gradually increase your mileage and intensity. Do not increase mileage > 10% per week
  • Perform a proper warm-up, like walking before you run. Stretching doesn’t prevent running injuries
  • Make sure to take rest days off of running
  • Optimize your overall health with enough sleep and eating right
  • Don’t make too many changes in your training at once (environment, mechanics, shoes)
  • Listen to your own body!


  • Identify areas of weakness or inflexibility
  • Recognize poor movement patterns that could be contributing to your injury
  • Perform a video analysis to identify any mechanical faults
  • Calculate your running cadence and determine its relationship to your injury
  • Provide exercises and recommendations once the above flaws are identified

Our goal is to let you continue running!

We only make you take time off and cross-train if it is absolutely necessary. If you are asked to cease running, we use a gradual return to running progression that has been shown to decrease risk for re-injury.

All evaluations are performed by a Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Sports Physical Therapy.