Orthopedic & Pain Solutions

Heal and Repair Without Surgery

Are chronic pain, injury, or arthritis impacting your life? Rejuv Medical’s non-surgical orthopedic treatments allow your body to naturally heal itself, allowing you to regain mobility quickly and without invasive surgery. In fact, 90% of all pain and injuries can be treated non-surgically! Conditions treated include pain in your knee, hip, shoulder/rotator cuff, back/spine, neck/whiplash, wrist, ankle, fingers or toes, feet or hands, tennis or golf elbow, carpal tunnel, TMJ, Fibromyalgia, or arthritis.

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Success Stories

“My right shoulder had been causing me problems for a number of years, after falling off a bicycle. I tried physical therapy and pain medicine, but it was not the same. I couldn’t work out, lift weights, or play tennis like I wanted to. Thanks to Rejuv Medical’s outstanding treatment my shoulder is 100% back to normal and I am able to do everything I want to do!” 

Robert K

“I came to Rejuv Medical due to increasing back pain and lack of mobility after being told I needed spinal surgery. I tell family and friends who struggle with pain, you have to go talk to Rejuv! The whole experience has been nothing but super positive and amazing!

Kate S

“I chose an alternative, non-surgical treatment at Rejuv Medical over a knee replacement. Both knees were worn out from years of construction. After treatment on both knees, six weeks apart, I am doing great!

Todd M