Pain from arthritis and degeneration can be debilitating and steal away the pleasure you once enjoyed. It can cause pain in your knees, hips, back, shoulders, feet/hands, or neck area. It can lead to loss of function, weight gain, and fatigue. You may not be able to enjoy simple pleasures like walking, golfing, hunting, playing with grandchildren or gardening. In the past, the only medical treatments offered were cortisone shots, pain medication, surgery or a total joint replacement.  With advancement in research and technology, there are more options that focus on regenerating the degenerating tissue using non-surgical treatments that help your body heal itself.

A study on patients who had injections into their joints using their bodies own stem cells showed regrowth of the cartilage that coats the joint, with an MRI evaluation. It physically shows that your body can actually regenerate cartilage! This is encouraging for those that suffer daily from arthritis and want a less invasive and safer approach to healing the body through regeneration vs cortisone, which does the opposite in breaking down cartilage.

There are several levels of regenerative treatments available at Rejuv Medical, based on your condition:

Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine (Cell therapy) – Using stem cells extracted from your own bone marrow for the most advanced treatment of severe injuries such as spinal cord damage, advanced arthritis, or severe injuries. Same-day treatment with no downtime and no general anesthetic or sedation required. 1 treatment of Stem Cell is equal to 3 PRP treatments – it is the most advanced regenerative healing technique.

PRP Treatments (Platelet Rich Plasma) – Using your own blood’s platelets to repair joints, ligaments, tendons and heal your body’s injuries such as tennis elbow, torn rotator cuff or shoulder pain, carpal tunnel, knee or hip pain, lower back pain, arthritis.

Prolotherapy (Ligament Reconstructive Therapy) – Using a simple, often sugar-based, solution to stimulate your body to begin healing and repairing joints, ligaments, or tendons that are weakened or stretched out from injury or aging. Common symptoms treated include joint arthritis, TMJ, chronic neck and back pain, shoulder injuries, Fibromyalgia, injuries to the wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, or neck.

Joint Lubrication decreases friction to joints that have reduced mobility causing discomfort and pain. It’s like an oil change for your joints with immediate relief after the first treatment. A series of injections are recommended, and in most cases, they are covered by insurance.

Nerve Therapy brings instant pain relief by calming the nerves down, which may be pinched or restricted by scar tissue. This treatment is covered by most insurance providers and delivers noticeable, life-changing results. It is common for patients to enter the clinic with a walker and leave on their own power.

Trigger Point Injections target irritable, painful, tight muscles or knots that can mimic pinched nerve pain. They relax the muscle spasm, improving blood flow to the area and are an important part of treating myofascial pain and in some cases fibromyalgia.

Here is just one of many success stories of a patient that got their life back after being treated at Rejuv Medical.