It’s National Junk Food Day this week!

Now don’t start running to the cabinet to grab an unhealthy snack just to celebrate. Take this time to really look into what you’re eating. Read the ingredient label and make sure you’re limiting yourself when it comes to sugars, unsaturated fats, and inflammatory oils. These types of ingredients pop up on almost every name brand “popular” food item, like Doritos, Pop Tarts, M&M’s, you get the gist.

A majority of pre-packaged foods are always going to have some sort of additive that your body will not like; so like we always say, stick to real, raw foods and stay on the outer edges of the grocery store. One of the best ways to ensure you stay away from those quick-fix snack options is to prepare ahead of time. When you do your grocery shopping, choose healthy fruits and veggies that you know you’ll want to eat during the week. And once you’re home, wash and prep it all so it’s ready to go when you need it.

Buttttt, we all have those times where we really just want to indulge, but just like meal prepping your healthy snacks, prep a few items that are similar to your favorite junk food items. So instead of a bag of potato chips, make your own sweet potato chips at home. Or instead of chocolate candy, make your own chocolate hummus to pair with your freshly prepped fruit.

There are ways to make sure you stay on track; you just have to put the effort into making those small changes. And remember, food is meant to fuel your body, give it the proper nutrients and it’ll make you feel way better.

–Hailey Torborg