“I like to move it, move it.” These lyrics are your body’s theme song, as movement helps keep your body healthy.


Movement helps to lubricate, oxygenate, and remove waste from your joints. I like to use the example of Tin Man, from the Wizard of Oz to explain how movement helps with your joints. The Tin Man stands frozen in the forest. Dorothy comes along as the Tin Man manages to mutter that he needs “oil.” She oils each of his joints and he’s now able to move and talk. Prolonged inactivity causes stiff joints, like the Tin Man’s.


Movement creates natural oil, or lubrication for your joints called synovial fluid. This allows your bones to move smoothly against each other. Movement also increases blood flow which oxygenates and brings good nutrients to your joints to help with healing.


Muscles support your bones and joints and movement helps get your muscles stronger. With movement, your body has to absorb forces. If you don’t have the right amount of muscle strength, then those forces are absorbed through your joints which leads to breakdown and diseases like osteoarthritis and tendinitis, to name a few. If you have strong muscles, your muscles will absorb these forces and give your joints a break.


Movement just makes you feel better! It keeps your joints and muscles healthier. So to avoid stiffening up or freezing like the Tin Man, keep moving!