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Can We Regenerate? (an excerpt from Foundation of Regenerative Health)

Despite numerous advances in technology innovation, the health of our society is declining. It’s time to think and act differently. It is time to tap into the research and technology that can reverse disease and degeneration. We need to focus on lifestyles that promote long term health trends to create families that thrive. We need to get away from a new pill for every symptom and the many unneeded, invasive procedures and surgeries eating away our health care dollars. The use of dangerous high dose cortisone injections and chronic pain medications are having detrimental effects on our joints and bodies. It is time we instead look at changing our lifestyles as a first line of defense against disease and focus on regenerative orthopedic procedures that can heal and reverse our pain, injuries and degeneration. It is exciting to know that we have the ability to truly reverse disease and heal our bodies. We can make changes in our lives and make health care decisions that will rejuvenate our bodies and impact the health of generations to follow.  

To make positive change and heal our bodies, we need to have specific goals. First, we need to optimize our health to create a healing environment. Next, we need to initiate healing at the site of degeneration with Prolotherapy, PRP or stem cell procedures proven to have positive effects. After initiating healing, we need to avoid degenerative influences that slow or impair the healing process. Finally we need to maintain the healed area once our goals are achieved. This process can reverse degeneration and rebuild our bodies enabling us to enjoy all that life has in store for us. When those puzzle pieces are put together, you create a picture for healing and disease reversal without unneeded medications or premature surgeries. I have put together the C.F.A.N model for optimal healing.

In the C.F.A.N. model for optimal health and healing, the C stands for cell health. This includes what we put in our body nutrition-wise, whether we engage in healthy exercise daily, the balance of our internal hormones and micronutrients, and how we deal with life stressors and sleep. The F represents functional movement. To have healthy functional movement we must have proper core strength, flexibility, balance and healthy fascia. Without healthy functional movement, our bodies are more prone to injury, breakdown and degeneration. Next, the A is for the articulation. This is involves the joint, the joint capsule, and the joint cartilage and the ligaments that hold the joint together. An example would be the knee. If healthy, the cartilage on the inside of the knee aids in range of motion and function. These structures, when injured or unstable, lead to arthritis from abnormal wear patterns in the joint. Until recently, the only treatments available for chronic pain and degeneration were cortisone injections, pain medications or surgery. Fortunately, advancements in regenerative orthopedics have given us the tools to actually REGENERATE the broken body. Regenerative procedures like Prolotherapy, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and Stem Cell injections can reverse these degenerative processes without the side effects of cover-up medications or the risks of invasive surgeries. Your own cells are used and they have a powerful impact on healing and regeneration through the stimulation of the body’s natural healing response. The body can heal itself! Finally, the N is for nerve health.   A healthy nervous system is critical for proper function and musculoskeletal movement in the body. Every nerve that leaves the spine eventually passes by and has an effect, either positive or negative, on the muscle, ligaments, tendons and the joint that they innervate. They have a direct effect on the function and also the ability of that joint to repair and heal after an injury. Also, critical for success is the neuropsychiatric connection. We need a positive outlook and to have the skills to set goals based on our core reasons for change. It all starts with the brain making a decision to change.

Through optimization of each of the elements of the C.F.A.N. model, true health and healing is obtainable and a new model for healthcare emerges. This changes the landscape of medicine from disease control to disease prevention and reversal. This new vision of healthcare empowers us to heal and regenerate without having to settle for cover up medication, harmful injections or unneeded surgeries.