The HARDcore program here at Rejuv Medical is tailored for each athlete to improve in their specific performance goals. Core values of our program is to help eliminate injury risk through pre-habilitation/rehabilitation exercises, improve explosiveness for anaerobic athletes, increased aerobic capacity for aerobic athletes, training the “mental athlete” by attitude and effort coaching, and work on sport specific movement patterns.

Our program is based off current research and training methods to help each athlete who walks through Rejuv’s doors achieve the success they are reaching for. Methods for achieving this success are either our small groups sessions in our facility which range from two to eight athletes per group. Keeping small groups actually “small groups” is essential to make sure coaches can give feedback and one on one attention to each athlete as necessary instead of being overwhelmed with athlete volume. Small group training goes for ten weeks beginning in the first week of June. Options for small group training are either three-day per week training or two-day per week training sessions.

The program thrives on structure and programming principles and small groups allow the coaches to focus on and continually monitor improvements or areas of concern with each athlete. Another option Rejuv offers is “outreach coaching” where we send coaches to local area high schools and run team sessions in your facility with lower rate per athlete and keeping your whole team together working and bonding through team training sessions. As the number of athletes increase in the outreach program the price goes down.

How Our Program is Unique:

  • Sport specific training at our state-of-the-art facility.
  • On location option at your school.
  • Top trainers to work with athletes in small group settings.
  • Seamless integration with current strength and conditioning coaches.
  • Developed to compliment your existing program.

Meet The Coaches

Andy Folz

Andy Folz is a Medical Fitness Specialist at Rejuv Fitness and took over leading the HARDcore program this spring. Andy has almost 15 years of strength and conditioning training experience in all levels of athletic competition from high school and college to semi-professional football and the Minnesota Vikings.

“I’m from the small Southeastern Minnesota farm town of Spring Grove and have been active in sports all my life,” Coach Folz said, “I was a 3-sport athlete in high school where I played football, basketball and baseball and had the opportunity to be team captain for all three sports which is where I really learned to mentor younger players.”

Coach Folz’ passion for athletics and fitness led him to pursue football at the collegiate level. “I was recruited to play running back for St. Cloud State University and was inspired there to make athletics my career. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation & Sports Management with a coaching minor.”

During his time as a collegiate student athlete, coach Folz also spent time as a Marketing, Sponsorships and Operations intern with the St. Paul Pioneers, a semi-professional football organization. “I had the opportunity to play with the Pioneers for three seasons after I graduated which was a great experience,” Coach Folz said.

In his personal time, he has expanded on his passion for health and fitness through different avenues including powerlifting, bodybuilding, CrossFit, mud runs, 5Ks, hiking and chopping wood. He also enjoys traveling, gathering family and friends for events, attending rock and heavy metal concerts, playing darts and practicing his guitar.

Trevor Ziwicki

Meet HARDcore Instructor Trevor Ziwicki. For five years, Trevor has been a member of the Rejuv Fitness Medical Fitness Specialist team where he leads high-energy bootcamps and does one-on-one and small group training. Growing up in a big family in Foley, MN, Trevor was always on the move and could often be found playing frisbee or softball or climbing trees on the family property. Today, he is still an avid outdoor enthusiast with a passion for physical activity and teaching people how to be the best they can be, inside and out.

“I like self-improvement,” Trevor said, “I truly enjoy when people grow, succeed and thrive in overcoming challenges! I appreciate hard work in a physical fashion. Self-growth and personal development all starts with mental toughness. Once we get your mind right, your body will follow!”

Trevor obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Fitness from the Minnesota School of Business and was a member of the community education fitness team at Foley High School before completing an externship at a physical therapy clinic where he honed his skills for rehab and prehab exercises for patients of all ages and abilities. Proper movement is the core of all of his fitness instruction. “Having proper form and proper movement are the key to preventing injury and obtaining long-term success in any sport,” Trevor said, “Better movement is the base of everything I teach. Move well, then move often!”

HARDcore clients are one of Trevor’s favorite groups. “Kids are always full of energy and willing to jump right in and get started with something new,” Trevor said, “We just fine-tune that energy and talent and take it to the next level. We want to mold those good habits early so they can keep them for life. I get such peace of mind knowing I’m teaching them how to achieve their goals the right way.”

When Trevor is not changing lives at Rejuv, he can still be found fine tuning his frisbee skills, playing softball or climbing trees. “If someone could lose a cat more often, that would be great!” Trevor said.


“Training to train!”

This phase is designed to enhance strength endurance, work capacity and hypertrophy (muscle size). Work capacity is the ability to handle training work and recover from it. This characteristic is necessary for enduring the length of the competitive season. Training this characteristic helps to prepare the athlete for more stressful and advanced training later on. This phase lays the foundation for which speed and power are built on, thus the importance of emphasizing on this characteristic first is critical. In addition, by enhancing muscle hypertrophy (muscle size), an athlete can improve the potential for more strength and reduce the likelihood of injury.

Phase 1 Goals:
– Strength Endurance
– Work Capacity
– Hypertrophy

Preparing the muscle to be STRONG through forceful contractions!”

This phase is designed to emphasize on basic strength through ground based resistance training in order to produce more force. Strength is the ability to produce force, an extremely important attribute for all athletes. Stronger athletes who are able to produce forceful contractions will tend to be more successful than players that are not. Also, strength is incredibly important for injury reduction as well. Literature suggests that a STRONGER athlete will be less susceptible to injury, allowing for absorption and re- directing of forces experienced in competition safely. Phase 2 will build upon the progress of phase 1 in preparation for more advanced training in phase 3.

Phase 2 Goals:
– Basic Strength
– Improved Force Production
– Increase Intensity of Training

“Developing explosive and dynamic athletes!”

This phase is designed to emphasize on the power characteristic through high velocity movements, the ultimate goal for our athletes. Power can be expressed as performing work in as little time as possible. In other words, If an athlete can perform their job faster than the opponent, odds are they’re going to win. A variety of sports demonstrate an ability to perform numerous explosive movements multiple times over the course of competition (jumping, sprinting, change of direction, etc…). The goal of this final phase is to build upon the subsequent phases to produce dynamic, explosive results.

Phase 3 Goals:

– Maximal Force Contractions
– Rate of Force Development (How fast an athlete can produce force)
– Exposive and Dynamic