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Functional Restoration Program for Work Comp Patients

Imagine a program that work comp adjusters could send their clients to knowing that they would return to work in 8 weeks or less and be functional, stationary and permanent. Imagine a program where the patient is treated for up to 8 weeks with the highest level of care when it comes to physical recovery and psychological recovery. Rejuv Medical is committed to helping patients return to work with confidence and hope for a better future at work and at home.

    How Does the Program Work?


    Rejuv Medical works with the patient’s work comp adjuster for authorization. Before a case can be authorized Rejuv Medical takes the time to evaluate the patient. In the evaluation, the patient is evaluated by a physician for physical limitation, by a physical therapist for movement limitations, and by a psychologist for mental limitations.


    During the authorization phase Rejuv Medical establishes the schedule with the patient. The patient is required to be at Rejuv 3 days a week. Each appointment is roughly 6 hours long. During the authorization process, Rejuv will predetermine all the necessary appointment times with the patient. Authorizations are valid for 2 weeks and evaluations are submitted every two weeks for approval for the patient to continue. Programs are limited to a total of 8 weeks. The program is limited to only allow 8 patients per month to go through the program at any given time. Rejuv Medical is forced to be very selective as to who will qualify for this program. We do keep a waiting list for times when the program is full.

    Potential Treatments & Services Offered

    The level of treatment will vary for every patient. But whether they are suffering deep psychological limitations or serious mobility limitations, Rejuv will do whatever possible to get the patient back on track. What makes the Functional Restoration Program so unique is that Rejuv Medical has many services to offer and each program is completely customized from start to finish to meet the needs of the patient. Here is just an example of services available to work comp patients that are involved in the program. 

    Clinical Services & Regenerative Treatments

    • Stem Cell Treatments
    • Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments
    • Supartz Knee Lubrication
    • Bio-Score Testing
    • X-Ray and Lab Services
    • And more…

    Physical Therapy Sessions

    • Functional Movement Screenings
    • VO2 MAX Testing
    • Custom Orthotics

    Personal Training with a Medical Fitness Specialist

    • Personalized Training Sessions in the Gym.
    • Yoga & Infrared Hot Yoga
    • Pilates

    Dietary Services with a Registered Dietitian

    • Nutrition Evaluation and Support
    • Food Sensitivity Testing – LEAP MRT
    • Food Journaling

    Massage & Body Works

    • Massage
    • Reflexology
    • Light Therapy
    • Essential Oils

    Psychology Services

    • Personal Psychology Sessions
    • Group Therapy Sessions
    • Crafts and Mental Therapy

    Pharmacy and Supplementation

    Completion & Discharge

    Patients will graduate the program within 8 weeks when they can prove that they are functional, stationary and permanent. When they are ready to return to work with confidence. Patients are evaluated by the physician. Rejuv will be looking for improved outcomes in the ability to return to work, day to day activities and a reduction of opioids. Patients will receive a one year gym membership after and will have new goals set with their physician and psychologist.

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