Lots of people struggle this time of year with the winter blues. With lack of daylight and sunshine and add in cold and snow can really affect our mood and mindset. You might notice a lack in your energy level, mood swings, you might sleep more, tend to be hungrier, with particular cravings of carbs, which can add a few extra pounds onto the waistline. These tips can help you create a lifestyle and mindset that can maintain you all throughout the year. This
way you can hopefully avoid the blues. Here are 10 ideas to get you into a better mood and get you through the winter.

  • Take Vitamin D supplement
  • Expose yourself to bright light, open blinds
  • Fresh air, get outside
  • Exercise, release those endorphins!
  • Aroma therapy, essential oils, awaken your senses
  • Set alarm, stick to a schedule and don’t oversleep
  • Take a vacation
  • Drink water/hydrate (avoid alcohol)
  • Start a grateful journal! Write happy thoughts
  • Eat whole foods, watch your waistline!

A more serious form of winter blues is S.A.D. seasonal affective disorder. If you’re feeling depressed or feelings of hopelessness, please seek help from a medical professional for advice.

Written by: Kim Swenson, MFS