Written by Jake Hutt

With the holidays coming up it can be easy for us to fall into some bad habits. There are few basic tips that might help you survive these next few months and avoid putting on some unnecessary weight.

One of the biggest mistakes by people during the holiday season is that we only focus on the actual holidays and not the days in between. Yes, it’s important to not gorge ourselves on Thanksgiving, but you want to also make sure you’re noticing the small things that tempt us on the days leading up to the holidays. Your office break room may have a few more treats than usual or your family likes to do a bit more baking in the winter. Try and notice these temptations more often and avoid them. Everyone, including myself has a holiday treat that we just can’t avoid. My suggestion is to pick only 1-2 specific items that you will allow yourself to enjoy and cut out all the rest.

Most holiday meals have some food options that are typically unhealthy or not part of your current nutrition plan. Luckily, most holidays land on the same day every year so they won’t catch you by surprise. Take the time now to look for an alternative or healthy version to some of your traditional food options around the holidays.

Try and focus on what you CAN do instead of what you can’t. The holidays are busy time of the year and it can be hard to keep up your regular workout routine. My suggestion is to make sure you keep fitness a priority and adjust it to this busy season. Instead of working out 4 days a week maybe it’s 3. If your workouts are usually 60 minutes, make them 40, instead of putting it off until tomorrow which may turn into next week or worse. If you need help adjusting your routines, consult with one of Rejuv’s Integration Specialists or Medical Fitness Specialists.

Happy Holidays,
Jake Hutt
Client Manager Rejuv Fitness