Written by: Kirsten Freeman

It’s that time again. What’s your New Year’s resolution? The number one answer I get to that question is lose weight. OK well I do work in a fitness center so that probably explains why I hear that particular resolution A LOT, but is losing weight really the answer? Or does it come down to looking better and feeling better, not seeing a lower number on the scale?

The cold, hard fact of the matter is, if I have 100 people tell me losing weight is their goal, statistically, 92 of them will give up by Valentine’s Day. Ouch. Maybe it’s the lure of those luscious chocolates in the satin-covered heart boxes that makes them slide out of sight of their skinny jeans or maybe they just realize it’s a lot easier said then done…

So how do you stick to it?

Well, here’s a little story from a friend of mine who’s got some stick-to-it-ness that should be shared!

Christine is my creative, wicked-smart, sassy friend who spends her days designing marketing materials but mostly making the lives of those around her better.  For her 26th birthday, she wanted to make her own life better and even though she’d tried this “fitness thing” before and failed, she was determined to try again. She didn’t want to wait until January 1st to do it, she started May 1st. No, not May 1st, 2018…. May 1st, 2015. She was at her heaviest weight and there wasn’t a minute that passed that she wasn’t in constant pain. She was 25 years old and could hardly WALK. But walk she did…on a treadmill at the not-so-rapid pace of 2.3 mph.

Her goal? 60 pounds.

60 pounds off of her frame, her knees, her feet, her heart. She started lifting weights too and little by little the weight on HER started going away, replaced by strength, confidence and clear-headed focus. Flash forward to just after Christmas when she did 3 squats of 125 lbs. PAIN FREE.

Read that again.

She went from hardly being able to walk to squatting nearly as much as she weighs!

OK, so it wasn’t a “New Year’s Resolution”, but it was a promise that she made to herself. It wasn’t to impress anyone else. It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t accomplished by the time she was 26, or even 27. The number she wanted to see on the scale hasn’t been seen yet. But she’s still on her way. She’s revised her goals beyond the scale to include wanting to squat her own body weight and to be able to run a 5K.

The woman who could barely walk around the block is training for a 5K! No, it’s not a marathon, but it’s her marathon and I’m proud as punch of her! She’s clear-headed, focused, driven, beautiful.

So…why wait to start chasing your dreams?


Are you ready to change your life? Get fit. Gain energy. Accomplish things you never thought you could do? I bet you are. It’s okay to be a little scared – goals should scare you a little. 😊

If Christine wouldn’t have made the decision on May 1st, 2015 to give this fitness thing a try after failing many times before…who knows where she would be right now?  And she’s REALLY happy about where she is right now.

JUST START. If you don’t get it this time, get it next time. We all start somewhere. Just get started. And then stick to it!

Gyms can be an intimidating place, especially to those who need it the most. One of the best parts about Rejuv is we are not the typical 24-hour fitness gym. Most of our members are looking to improve their overall health, not increase the size of their biceps. This equals to be very non-intimidating gym experience where we encourage you to ask us questions, so we can help you.

Please ask us if you have questions regarding getting started.

 We’re here to help!

Kirsten F., Integration Specialist