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Custom Orthotics
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Custom Orthotics

Orthotics are custom-made shoe inserts designed to assist in proper alignment of the feet. The goal of orthotics are to obtain neutral alignment of the lower extremities to decrease pain and prevent injuries.

Are Custom Orthotics Covered by Medical Insurance?

Often times, one set of custom orthotics may be covered by your health insurance each year.

How Does Rejuv Fit You for Custom Orthotics?

After an evaluation of the affected joints, we will watch you walk and evaluate the feet to determine the appropriate type of orthotic for you depending on lower extremity alignment and arch structure. Once assessed, we will create a mold of your foot using a heated aliplast piece (medium density polyethylene foam) by placing the foot in proper anatomical alignment. We identify any areas that would benefit from other adjustments, such as extra padding under painful areas, extra arch support, or a correction for a shorter leg. We send this mold to our orthotist to fabricate your orthotic. After your orthotic has been made, you return to the clinic and we will make any minor, comfort adjustments. You will leave with your new orthotics and on your way to a pain-free, active lifestyle.

Note: Though orthotics are a very beneficial addition to a healthy, pain-free body, we highly recommend contacting your insurance company prior to evaluation. This can assist you in determining coverage, as not all insurance companies will cover orthotics.

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