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90% OF PAIN & INJURIES CAN BE TREATED NON-SURGICALLY!  We Would Be Happy To Meet You And Learn How We Can Help You.

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Non-Surgical Orthopedic procedures for chronic pain, injury and arthritis allow your body to natually heal itself, allowing you to regain mobility quickly and without invasive surgery. These regenerative treatments eliminate the need for opioids and other potentially addictive pharmaceuticals.  In fact, 90% of all pain and injuries can be treated non-surgically, allowing your body to heal itself naturally and avoiding surgical procedures or cover-up care.  

Even if you have exhausted all  other options, including physical therapy, or other injections therapies (such as cortisone) and still have not seen the results, you may find relief with regenerative treatments.  Even if you have been told you need surgery, there is a very good possibility that you could avoid such surgical procedures. While there are logical times when surgery is the correct option, it should be the last option.

Experience Rejuv Medical’s award-winning care, our unique approach focuses on using innovative techniques, which enables us to integrate multiple services to optimize your patient outcomes.

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Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine (Cell Therapy)

Regenerate tissue using your own stem cells.  Same day procedures with no genenral anesthetic or heavy sedation.

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Stem Cell Regenerative repair is the power-cell behind the regeneration of tissue and uses your body’s own stem cells as a building block in an attempt to mimic other damaged cells located in the joint. Stem cells are pulled gently from the bone marrow of the hip. These mesenchymal stem cells are the purest form of stem cells in your body’s natural reserve. Other physicians may be using stem cells harvested from adipose (fat) tissue, but the response isn’t shown to be as successful. In addition, the process at which stem cells are harvested from adipose tissue is painful and requires the patient to have available fat to harvest from. Dr. Baumgartner was the first Minnesota physician to bring stem cell treatments to the upper Midwest five years ago. Dr. Baumgartner saw the promising effects of what a patient’s own stem cells could do to promote healing and repair and decided to offer this non-invasive procedure. Stem Cell Treatments: Unlike a standard stem cell procedure, Rejuv Medical has learned to take this procedure a step further and has launched a version of advanced stem cell and platelet procedures. Though these procedures cannot guarantee results for all, there have been many studies done that are proving the results are effective and worthy of practicing. The research is continuing to explode as many leading experts are seeing incredible results with these procedures. Rejuv Medical continues to strive in pioneering the field of Regenerative Medicine. As you can see, there are many success stories that have poured out of this clinic over the past 10-years.

Joint Lubrication

Increase joint lubrication and decrease friction to joints that have a lack of mobility and cause discomfort.

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As we age our bodies breakdown. Dehydration and sedentary lifestyles impair the production of joint lubrication. This can lead to a stiff grinding sensation in the joint. A patient may feel discomfort and a lack of mobility. The natural response is inflammation and we change movement patterns to compensate for the stiffness. This compensation changes joint function in other areas of the body then too. If the tissue is not damaged, and if the joint still appears healthy through imaging, then lubricants such as Supartz® or SynviscOne® can be used to increase joint lubrication and decrease friction. This treatment is minimally invasive, and patients tend to feel immediate relief. Supartz® treatments work over time, patients are treated once a month for up to six months and most insurances cover such treatments.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Treatments

Repair chronic degenerative joints, ligaments and tendon injuries with your body’s platelets and growth factors.

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Prolotherapy sounds the alarm and waits for the body to send the platelets and other growth factors, whereas PRP delivers the platelets and rich growth factors right to the source. Why wait for it, when it can be delivered immediately to start the healing cascade right away? Furthermore, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections are used for the repair of chronic degenerative joints, ligaments and tendon injuries. This new technology is changing the way doctors and sports physicians treat injury, pain and aging.  Conditions treated include: chronic overuse injuries to the ankles, knee and shoulders; arthritic joints; chronic back and spine arthritis and pain; degenerative disc disease. More specific injuries include; tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, knee ligament tears, shin splints, partial thickness rotator cuff tears, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and IT band syndrome can be effectively treated with PRP. PRP is blood plasma with concentrated platelets. The concentrated platelets found in PRP contain huge reservoirs of bioactive proteins, including growth factors that are vital to initiate and accelerate tissue repair and regeneration. These bioactive proteins initiate connective tissue healing: bone, tendon and ligament regeneration and repair, promote development of new blood vessels and stimulate the wound healing process resulting in new collagen formation.  PRP is often combined with ultrasound to guide the injections to the specific pathologic tissue or joint.


Nerve Therapy

Relieve pinched or restricted nerves and end pain and numbness in joints and tissue from past injuries.

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When we suffer from past injuries, the body may not heal properly. Nerves may become pinched or restricted by scar tissue, leading to pain and numbness of joints and tissue. Sometimes patients claim they feel sharp or hot bursts of pain rush through their hip or leg. These pains and conditions may be treated with nerve treatments. Regenerative experts at Rejuv Medical can use a simple and gentle injections series to bathe the nerve entirely. This solution turns off negative pain receptors and reprograms normal function to the nerve. In the process reduce restriction in the nerve. Patients who experience nerve therapies have been seen walking into the clinic with a walker and walking out of the clinic on their own power. The results are very noticeable with patients and are covered by most insurance providers.

Prolotherapy (Ligament Reconstructive Therapy)

Targets joints, ligaments and tendons that are weakened and stretched out from injury or aging and promotes healing and repair.  

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Prolotherapy, or ligament reconstructive therapy, is a safe, non-surgical treatment for chronic pain, injury and arthritis. Common problems treated with Prolotherapy include joint arthritis, TMJ dysfunction, chronic neck and back pain, shoulder injuries, Fibromyalgia, injuries to the wrists, elbows, knees and ankles, and whiplash-type injuries. Prolotherapy targets the joint, ligaments and tendons that are weakened and stretched out from injury or aging and actually promotes healing and repair. This stimulation of the body’s healing mechanism helps to restore strength and integrity to the damaged area. The procedure involves injecting a solution into the damaged joint, ligament or tendon.  This stimulates the body to begin the healing process by sounding the alarm, which alerts the body to send platelets and other natural growth factors to the area being treated.


Trigger Point Injections

Relieve pain from tender areas in your muscle caused by injury, poor posture, repetitive strain or a herniated disc.

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A trigger point is an irritable, painful, taut muscle band or palpable knot in a muscle that can cause localized pain or referred pain.  Referred pain from trigger points can mimic pinched nerves in the neck or lower back.  They can occur from direct muscle injuries, poor posture, repetitive strain or secondarily from spine conditions such as a herniated disc. What are Trigger point Injections? Trigger point injections are injections of local anesthetic (numbing) medication, saline and/or cortisone. The basis for a trigger point injection is to relax the area of an intense muscle spasm.  By relaxing the muscle spasm, blood flow to the area is improved, thus allowing the washout of irritating metabolites.  Trigger point injections are an important part of treating myofascial pain syndrome and, in some cases, fibromyalgia.

Success Stories

“I am so happy to share my success story to help others. I was in so much pain 24/7, I was on all kinds of pain medicines and over the counter meds, too.  I was forced to grab the walls for balance and to walk. I cried many nights because I couldn’t sleep from the pain that seemed to be attacking my entire body. I wish that I had come to Rejuv Medical sooner, for it may have saved me from having a right knee replaced. Recently my left knee started to hurt and it became unbearable. I thought I was going to suffer like this for the rest of my life. Dr. Joel Baumgartner has cured me, I am practically pain free! I’VE-GOT-MY-LIFE-BACK! for those of you that are reading my testimony, please do not keep putting off coming here like I did. If I had come sooner I could have avoided all the suffering throughout my body. Thank You Dr. Baumgartner and staff!


Mary first heard about Dr. Baumgartner from a student she sat next to in class who had recently shadowed Dr. Baumgartner.  “One day I was complaining in class about some sport related injuries that would cause pain in my knee and in my shoulder. That’s when a classmate introduced me to Rejuv Medical. I was treated with Platelet Rich Plasma Injections and Prolotherapy, and had a series of neuropathic pain treatments done as well. I can do things now I thought I would have to give up like volleyball, aerobics, etc. My pain is gone and I can enjoy so much now due to the treatments I received.”


Ernest sought out Dr. Baumgartner, through an online search, when he first was told he needed to undergo a partial knee replacement due to Osteoarthritis.  He checked in for Stem Cell Treatments and had both Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem Cell Treatments to his knee. After a few weeks here is what Ernest had to say, “It’s freed me to play with my grand kids without hurting. I’m now free of pain medications.”


How Can We Help?

We Would Be Happy To Meet You And Learn How We Can Help You.