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Rejuv Fitness Member Spotlight

At Rejuv Fitness, we know that everyone has their own journey but when we are able to share our journey with others, we can help inspire and show that everyone has their ups and downs. We like to spotlight our members so that we can share in each other’s journey and create a closer community that understands each other. For this reason we ask you to nominate someone, or yourself, as our member spotlight. Each spotlight will shine on the selected member and allow our internal community to opportunity to see their journey and help them celebrate their progress and goals.

Have you spotted a member who inspires you or are you the inspiration?

Let’s highlight our hardworking, motivating members who are rocking their goals, overcoming challenges and changing their lives for the better!

Help us celebrate our model members who are setting the example of strength, grit and growth and motivating others to achieve their next best level of fitness.

  • Know someone who has overcome some pretty incredible odds to stand where they are today?
  • See someone who takes the time to lift another member up who needs a helping hand?
  • Notice someone who hits the turf every time with contagious energy and spark?

Tell us!

We want to share their story and give them cool stuff like 400 Rejuv Rewards points plus goodies from the supplement store!

And yes, if that spotlight member is YOU, please share – be an inspiration -be a game-changer!

Please nominate a Rejuv Fitness member below:

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