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Join us as Bob Hughes discusses his personal health journey with Rejuv Medical and invites you to explore and uncover your most sought after health and wellness questions!

Living Well With Rejuv MEdical

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Join us as we explore Bob Hughes personal health and wellness journey at Rejuv Medical with Jake Hutt and why Bob’s made it a mission to bring you answers to your most sought after questions as it relates to aging and how optimizing each component of your body and mind impacts your overall health and wellness.  

Getting All Your Vitamins & Supplements In One Packet. And Best Times To Take Them.

by Bob Hughes & Jake Hutt

Being Fit & Healthy In Your 40's, 50's & 60's. Why Use It Or Lose It Is So Important.

by Bob Hughes & Jake Hutt

What's More Important - Diet Or Exercise? Find Your Balance For Each & What That Means.

by Bob Hughes & Jake Hutt

What Exactly Does Rejuv Medical Do? Virtu-Classes Are Here - What Are They?

by Bob Hughes & Jake Hutt

Holiday Foods & Inflammation. And, What's Functional Medicine Anyway???

by Bob Hughes & Jake Hutt


The Rejuv Advantage

Orthopedic care & sports medicine

We use non-surgical treatments for injuries, arthritis and degenerative conditions that provide pain solutions.

primary & internal medicine

We prevent, diagnose, and treat adult diseases to improve and maintain your health.

regenerative medicine & pain solutions

  We use advanced stem cell and platelet rich plasma procedures for regenerative treatment options.

physical therapy

We treat orthopedic and sports medicine related injuries and create an individualized plan of care.

functional medicine & regenerative skincare

We determine how and why illness occurs and restore health by addressing the root causes of disease for each person.

fitness & nutrition

We welcome all levels of fitness and have comprehensive plans to help you improve your fitness and health goals.

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