Let’s talk progressive overload…
Perhaps the most important principle in the exercise world!
Despite being so important, it is often overlooked because it is what makes us feel uncomfortable. Discomfort in the body is treated much like discomfort in your head; if we feel incapable or feel that something is too difficult for us (within reason) the body will seek out new methods of accomplishing its goals (i.e. lifting weights).
Unfortunately, during the process of seeking new methods our body will often choose what is easiest and therefore resort to improper form and compensatory mechanisms (i.e. swaying the back to accomplish a bicep curl). To take full advantage of the results that an exercise program can provide, we must be certain what goals we have and focus on a couple key components that are essential to the goals you have; baby steps in the right direction are better than giant steps that may leave your body confused as to how it should adapt.
The bottom line is that we have enough energy to focus on a certain number of tasks before our tasks become mindless (waiting for it to end) and when we are not present in mind we will not be able to understand what made a task successful and therefore not be able to work on the mechanisms or movement patterns that will further our adaptations toward perfection.
Remember – practice DOES NOT make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect!
Here for your health,
Trevor Z., MFS