Written by Kirsten Freeman, Integration Specialist

Kirsten: What is health coaching?

Jen: Health coaching digs deep into what is going on in your personal body. From head to toe, everyone is unique and has a unique blueprint. We can give you answers to what is actually going on in your mind and in your body and why. Then we work to fix it with simple food.

Kirsten: It seems like it would be hard for people make up their mind about what’s best for their nutrition with all the conflicting fad diets out there. How do you clearly navigate all the nutrition messages?

Jen: There are so many nutrition variations! Keto, Whole 30, paleo, vegan, gluten-free, shake shops – we are bombarded with the next best thing in how you should nourish your body. It can be mind-boggling. Today, we are faced with more nutrition, weight loss and health advice and promises than ever before. People do get confused over what works for weight loss or to what is best to benefit their health. Often they try what their friend has tried or what a computer ad with a perfectly proportioned fitness model advises them to do. Sure, they may lose 10 pounds, only to get stuck there with no more movement in sight, or yo-yo forever, never really gaining any ground.

Kirsten: That would be frustrating. So where does Rejuv Medical come in?

Jen: Our team of health and wellness coaches don’t rely on gimmicks, fads or what’s popular today. We put a stop to plateaus, give clear direction on how to make your goal a reality and make sure you have the tools to keep the weight off. We help you change from the inside out. Imagine learning what gives your body more energy or what food you may be sensitive to. What would it mean to you if you finally realized why you always wake up at 2 am and are now able to fix it? Or why on your drive home from work, you get easily agitated or have headaches? Those are the questions we help answer to put your mind at ease.

Ready to see what your body has to say? Simply set up set up a complimentary in-person or phone appointment with a Rejuv Medical Health Coach by emailing the team at MedicalWeightLoss@RejuvMedical.com