By Kim S.

Ever tried creating a new healthy habit like starting a weight loss program by cutting calories, beginning an exercise program, waking up earlier to start a new routine, quitting an addiction like caffeine or sugar? Your body will go through an adjustment period while you are adapting to the new change. You may experience an array of symptoms such as: Fatigue, dehydration/thirst, headaches, mood swings, irritability or on edge feeling, dizziness/ lightheadedness, feeling hungry, muscle soreness, achy, gassy, bloated, constipation, cravings, sleep disturbances and more! Whoa!! That’s a lot of uncomfortableness! All those symptoms listed above are TEMPORARY!! But being overweight, sick, weak and in pain probably doesn’t feel good either right? Change is necessary to order to create a new habit. When we experience these effects, just knowing that having these symptoms, is normal and that you are on the right track. Our bodies want to resist change. Our minds will always choose the path of least resistance. It will want to keep you in the bad habit/old routines because this is what it knows best. Keep on fighting the urges from your mind that wants to pull you back to the old unhealthy habit. You can do this!! The new habit is right in front of you, so invite the uncomfortable and watch your body transform.

Here are a few ways to combat the side effects:

  • Set your alarm
  • Prep your food
  • Get your gym bag ready the night before
  • Increase your water intake, you should have ½ your body weight in ounces
  • Include protein with your first meal. It will reduce cravings while keeping you feeling more satisfied
  • Add high fiber slowly as your body adjusts, this will help to reduce excess gas and bloating
  • Try to avoid artificial sweeteners, even though they may be a better alternative to sugar, they keep you craving the sweet taste and will make breaking the sugar addiction even harder. Eat fruit to satisfy the sweet craving
  • Try to get 7-9 hours of sleep each night
  • Work with a trainer to help keep you motivated and help hold you accountable during the process.

When the new habit starts to adhere and the side effects diminish, you will begin to feel better. Your sleep will improve, you might notice reduced inflammation in your body, less aches and pains, you will lose weight, become stronger, gain muscle mass, you’ll be able focus better, have more energy, be more relaxed, reduce headaches and other ailments associated with your previous unhealthy habits. Your new healthy habit will be totally worth it!

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