Have you ever heard of equanimity? It means calmness, internal balance, and even tempered. Often, life can be busy with external factors such as work, health and relationship stressors throwing off our internal balance. When we don’t have effective coping mechanisms to deal with our everyday stressors, the human body may project these stressors outward and cause symptoms such as inflammation, mood changes and pain. Prioritizing effective coping mechanisms with stress will help keep your body in balance, resulting in a healthier physical body.

Some tips to reduce stress:

  1. Stay hydrated throughout the day. Water clears out toxins and can increase brain performance and mood.
  2. Get a little Vitamin D. Working in a space that allows for natural light can improve your mood.
  3. Positive surroundings. Find time to connect with others in a positive way; laughter also improves mood.
  4. Stay organized. Prioritize your tasks and keep your area tidy. A cluttered desk can be distracting.
  5. Create goals. Giving yourself goals can help you create a list of prioritized items. Allow yourself to set the importance of each task.
  6. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many tasks at once. Begin with your top 2-3 items on your goal list.
  7. Use a calendar. Give yourself time limits and deadlines so you can manage your prioritized tasks. And remember to schedule breaks.
  8. Create to-do lists. Mark all tasks down and cross them off as you go. Remember to include your goals in here as well!
  9. Sleep. Stress is a big factor for those who have troubles sleeping. Yet again, poor sleep also leads to stress. Plan for 8 hours a night, stick to a sleeping schedule, and avoid screens an hour before going to bed.

These tips may help reduce stress, but there are other factors that could be specific to your situation. At Rejuv Medical, we have many ways to identify inflammation and the tools needed to help you restore your energy and achieve your own personal state of equanimity. Schedule a consultation with our Functional Medicine department if you’re looking for more solutions!