Functional Medicine is different than what providers would normally do in the healthcare world. What we mean by this is, if you come to your doctor and say that you are having high blood pressure symptoms, they would normally check your levels, tell you to eat less salt, give you a prescription, and off you go. But in Functional Medicine, we ask the underlying questions of why is your blood pressure so high? Is it stress, lifestyle, other pain related issues, what’s really happening? Blood pressure does not just go up by itself, there must be a cause or an underlying reason.

At Rejuv Medical, people will come in with pain, fatigue, hormone imbalances, stress, etc., so we take a look at everything that could be causing the individuals issues. We will look at lifestyle, we will do labs with blood work, look at hormone levels, and vitamin levels, and we try to rebalance those things. Most of the time, patients that say they have been working on fatigue or weight loss for 10 or 20 years with other providers have felt better within a few months after visiting us at Rejuv because we are addressing the underlying causes. It makes much more sense to treat the actual problem instead of prescribing a pill to help cover up the issue.

Rejuv Medical’s mission is to find the root cause of each patient’s pain or issue. We want to avoid the cover-up care that is so common in ‘traditional” healthcare and really help patients optimize their health.

–Valerie Carlson, RN, CNP