fb-postKnee pain from arthritis and degeneration can be debilitating and steal away the pleasure we once enjoyed.  It can lead to loss of function, weight gain and fatigue as we are not able to enjoy walking, golfing, hunting or being active like past years.  In the past the only medical treatments we were offered where cortisone shots, pain medication and then surgery or a total joint replacement if nothing else helped.  Now we have options that focus on regenerating the degenerating tissue and NOT COVERING it up.  Regenerative therapies like PRP and STEM cell injections offer a safe, NON-SURGICAL evidence based option for those suffering from pain, injury and arthritis.

A study on patients who had injections into their joints using their bodies own stem cells showed that after the procedure, MRI evaluation showed regrowth of the cartilage that coats the joint.  (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18523506)  It shows that we can actually regenerate cartilage.  This is encouraging for those that suffer daily from arthritis and want a less invasive and safer approach to healing the body through REGENERATION.

Here is a testimony of a patient treated at Rejuv Medical located right here in central Minnesota.  They have their life back again!