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Orthopedics Sports Medicine Testimonials

I would like to thank Dr Baumgartner for helping me get back to feeling good again. Its working and I feel better every day. I would like to thank the staff in the front where I check in. They are always very helpful and nice, and just good at what they do. I also would like to mention Brittney in PT she is so very nice and has answered all my emails that I have sent to her and has also made me feel good with the workouts she has given me and I believe has helped me so much. Thanks Brittney! Not sure the name of the very nice lady that draws my blood  she helps keep my mind off of what is going on with the blood draw, and the time flys bye! (also hits her mark everytime!) I thank the whole crew at Rejuv Medical, you are the best .. Thanks


I have been suffering from intense lower back pain.  I went to see Joel Baumgartner and after some nerve treatments and physical therapy I am feeling great! I am pain free and feeling better than I have in a few years! I am able to get back to my active life. I am very grateful for Dr. Baumgartner and his staff. I have seen several other types of doctors before and nothing helped. My results here at Rejuv Medical have been amazing, and I am beyond grateful!


Thanks to one of my local sponsors, Rejuv Medical.  Dr. Baumgartner and the team have helped me through the “speed bumps” so I am able to make it to the stage at my best.


Ernest Rodriguez sought out Dr. Baumgartner, through an online search, when he first was told he needed to undergo a partial knee replacement due to Osteoarthritis.  He checked in for Stem Cell Treatments and had both Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem Cell Treatments to his knee. After a few weeks here is what Ernest had to say, “It’s freed me to play with my grand kids without hurting. I’m now free of pain medications.”


After being part of an externship at Rejuv Medical, Tracy quickly learned of the success Dr. Baumgartner was seeing with his patients.  She had pain in her knee that she left untreated for some time. But after her externship she became a patient herself and had Dr. Baumgartner treat her pain. “My knee feels better than I EVER remember it feeling!”


Dear Dr. Baumgartner and Rejuv Staff, I decided I absolutely needed to stop what I was doing and thank you, as I’m getting ready for Jonah’s graduation. Jonah dislocated his left shoulder twice in the beginning of his junior year of football. Other orthopedic physicians assured us Jonah was finished with sports for the year and would have to undergo shoulder surgery. Jonah and our family was adamant that he did not want surgery, so we started doing research. We found your clinic and were attracted to the treatments available to us, we were comfortable with the advice we were getting because it was coming from an Orthopedic Physician. After working with your staff and following your directions faithfully, Jonah was healthy enough to get back into basketball his junior year with a the help of a shoulder brace, and by his senior year, he was back in football without the brace where he played tight end with 500 yards receiving and middle linebacker with 85 tackles and 32 assists. His senior year of basketball he averaged a double-double. I didn’t intend for this to be a bragging letter, but we know none of it could have been possible without the help of your clinic. Now Jonah has amazing high school sports memories.


Jane was in to see Dr. Joel Baumgartner and was treated with Nerve Block Therapy in her lower back, hip, and neck. The results were life changing. “Prior to my visit, I was suffering from Chronic Pain and I was unable to sleep, walk, sit, or stand for very long. I couldn’t even go up or down stairs without a lot of pain. A friend of mine had been in to see Dr. Baumgartner and avoided a surgery after experiencing amazing results with his knee, hearing this; I was convinced I needed to be seen. The results were amazing! I am now able to walk, sit and stand for as long as I need to, as I used to be able to do prior to when the Pain started. Also I can do the stairs PAIN FREE!!! Better yet, I am sleeping better. Thank You Dr. Baumgartner, You’re Fantastic!”


When Charlie, a local high school star track athlete, first fell victim to a sport related injury, he was devastated knowing he was going to be out for his senior state meet.  His mother brought him in to be seen by Dr. Baumgartner.  He had a strained quad and pain in his knee, keeping him from performing on the track. One week later, after a series of neuropathic pain treatments, Charlie was able to compete at the state meet and took 1st in the 3200 meter event!

Relayed from Charlie's Mother

Gerald was first introduced to Dr. Baumgartner through a close family member of his. After seen the success of his relative, he decided to do something about the pain in his knee.  “I found it very difficult to go up stairs because of my sore knees. Embarrassingly, I had to go up just one step at a time, I felt like a little kid.” said Gerald. He received Supartz (a lubricant) Injections in both knees, and his results were predictable. “I get around a lot better, I feel like I am 40 again!”


Mary first heard about Dr. Baumgartner from a student she sat next to in class who had recently shadowed Dr. Baumgartner.  “One day I was complaining in class about some sport related injuries that would cause pain in my knee and in my shoulder. That’s when a classmate introduced me to Rejuv Medical. I was treated with Platelet Rich Plasma Injections and Prolotherapy, and had a series of neuropathic pain treatments done as well. I can do things now I thought I would have to give up like volleyball, aerobics, etc. My pain is gone and I can enjoy so much now due to the treatments I received.”


I am so happy to share my success story to help others. I was in so much pain 24/7, I was on all kinds of pain medicines and over the counter meds, too.  I was forced to grab the walls for balance and to walk. I cried many nights because I couldn’t sleep from the pain that seemed to be attacking my entire body. I wish that I had come to Rejuv Medical sooner, for it may have saved me from having a right knee replaced. Recently my left knee started to hurt and it became unbearable. I thought I was going to suffer like this for the rest of my life. Dr. Joel Baumgartner has cured me, I am practically pain free! I’VE-GOT-MY-LIFE-BACK! for those of you that are reading my testimony, please do not keep putting off coming here like I did. If I had come sooner I could have avoided all the suffering throughout my body. Thank You Dr. Baumgartner and staff!


Not only does it work- I expected it to work to some degree, but it’s amazing! The Supartz shot into my knee has totally stopped it from popping. Hasn’t happened once since the shot. It has been happening half a dozen times a day. And painfully. Now, no pain! An ache, but dull, where I received the shot. I’m sooooo happy!! Thank-you


The care I am receiving at Rejuv Medical is life-changing…they look at healing the whole body. I have had chronic neck pain & migraine headaches for 20 years. My body is producing new tissue as a result of the PRP treatments I am receiving and I am regaining strength from the physical therapy exercises. The next phase will be looking at how my internal systems (adrenals, hormones) are working. I truly feel like I am getting my life back again. ——– I hope you’re all doing well at Rejuv.  Just wanted to send you a quick update-I am continuing to do great!  I don’t have neck pain and I am able to do so many things without getting a headache-it’s amazing-the PRP has truly changed my life! I had a 6 month follow-up appointment last week with the neurologist I’ve been seeing for 11 years for headaches and I am doing so well I don’t have to go back for a year. Thanks & take care,


After her sister-in-law had great results with treatments and workouts, Laverne decided to see Dr. Baumgartner for nerve therapy in her lower back to find some relief for the pain and to help with past scar tissue. “Prior to the therapy, I could not do any of the common house hold chores, like painting walls in a total room, dusting, moving light furniture, etc. But now I can.”


Kathy was a patient of Dr. Baumgartner’s when he was at Abbot Northwestern.  She tracked him down when lower back pain was keeping her from daily activities such as, walking, sitting or sleeping.  Here is what Kathy had to say after a series of Nerve Therapy. “I am now free of pain and able to do everything I want to. I highly recommend this treatment.”


Functional Medicine Testimonials

After hearing about Rejuv Medical through North Crest Gymnastics, John decided to see Dr. Joel Baumgartner and Susan Schneider and was treated for stress, after noticing extreme fatigue, lack of energy and loss of weight. “At Rejuv Medical, Dr. Baumgartner and Susan Schneider quickly diagnosed, and verified through testing, my stressed and fatigued conditions. They treated me and confidently stated my normal energy levels would return and I would literally feel years younger. They were exactly correct! Looking back through years of work, I realize I suffered from the insidious nature of stress, but never had my prior bouts of stress diagnosed or treated; until my visit to Rejuv Medical.”


I had been stuck for over a year trying to loss weight with a nationally well known Weight Loss program.  I needed something new and someone pushing me.  I also have chronic rheumatoid and have over a dozen pins or joint replacements – I needed the help of a qualified trainer to help me get mobility back in parts of my body.  A third reason I checked out Rejuv was because of my illness I was on heavy and expensive medicines which I wanted to get away from.  I went to Rejuv looking for a new approach to my health. I am only half way to my goal.  So far I have lost enough weight and body fat to have gone down two pant sizes, which is nice.  I just generally feel better.  However the big thing is I have discontinued taking some drugs and have learned to take certain supplements and eat healthy quality food in replacement of those drugs.  I found out I was Gluten Intolerant and my joints are not swollen any longer just by eliminating gluten from my diet. I am also working out again and I am not just talking about my time with a trainer.  I am biking again and walking more.  Things are moving in my old body that haven’t moved for years. I am not at my goal and yes some days I want to give up but the support and encouragement I get from the Rejuv team keeps me moving forward….check back with me in another 6 months!!


Fitness Services Testimonials

Before Kitt came to Rejuv Medical, she was experiencing chronic neck and back pain. Along with that, debilitating migraine headaches. All sparked from a near fatal motor vehicle accident. All these pains left Kitt tired all the time. After seeing Dr. Baumgartner, Kitt very seldom has headaches, and her back and neck pain has diminished to almost eliminated. Kitt also decided to participate in the Adult Boot Camps and has since lost 25 pounds, taking her overall state of health to a new level. “I love the way I feel, I have more energy, my debilitating migraines are gone, and I can wear clothes three sizes smaller! Thanks for helping me get my life back!”


I have been involved with Rejuv Medical for several months and I have lost several pounds as well as regained motion in my neck and back and my very arthritic knees have improved significantly. Everyone from the staff at the front desk to the doctors on the medical side have exceeded my expectations. With one exception…Nick S. he has blown me away with his positive attitude, outlook on life, knowledge of his area of expertise and his ability to motivate a fifty six year old over weight female, who hated exercise, ME! From the first day Nick has not accepted my excuses but has gently and positively encouraged me to keep working. He has made me feel that my goals are achievable and that I belong right where I am. I have been to other gyms and have hired other trainers but none have shown the compassion or abilities of Nick S. I would highly recommend Rejuv Medical and Nick S. to everyone! He leads by example, relates well to just about everybody and has never let his own Cancer be anything other than motivational. Thank you,


Joining Rejuv was one of the best choices I made for ME! While I was somewhat ambivalent about making this dedication to myself and taking what I believed would be time away from my family, I have actually found that I am a better mom, wife, sister, daughter, employee, etc… After joining, I was quickly paired with Kim for personal training. She reviewed my goals with me and immediately I noticed she didn’t pass judgement. I was waiting, evening looking for the shaking head or a twist of the neck, which would immediately indicate disappointment and then infuse guilt and shame. Although this can be motivating for me at times, in the long run, it has resulted in action based out of these feelings rather than my self-motivation, regard, and care. Kim was also compassionate and kind. I was surprised when instead of being critical of my eating and drinking choices, she suggested satisfying alternatives. Now don’t get me wrong, there were days I didn’t like Kim so much. J I had wondered if she realized we did 5 million jump-squats just 2 days prior and that my quads were maxed out. I wondered if she remembered that I sit all day long and that I was sure to become so stiff that I would not be able to get up or walk. BUT, I trusted her and I KNEW she had confidence in me. My workouts were NEVER the same and she made them FUN! At times, she even worked out as my partner (during small group when others did not show up). Kim was always enthusiastic and most importantly encouraging. There is NO WAY I would have done as many chin-ups in the absence of her “Come on, Karen, you got this.” I would then feel determined to do 1 more, just to prove I can! Kim was not only a fitness and nutritional expert to me; she also care about my emotional health. Through my training period, I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. Kim was supportive and emotionally engaged, yet she maintained good professional boundaries. I would recommend Rejuv because the care is comprehensive and the philosophy incorporates balance of mind, body, and spirit! However, Kim’s flexibility, genuine concern for y well-being, dedication, knowledge and interpersonal skills hold my highest regard and recommendation.


“Our son Thomas (age 14) was having terrible knee pain and swelling under his knee caps. We took him to Rejuv Medical and was diagnosed by Dr. Kass with Osgood-Schlatter Disease,  a common cause of knee pain in growing adolescents. It is an inflammation of the area just below the knee where the tendon from the kneecap (patellar tendon) attaches to the shinbone (tibia). It was recommended by Dr. Kass that Thomas start a combination of Physical Therapy and Personal Training to begin to strengthen the muscles around the knees. We are thrilled to tell you that after three months of that combination, Thomas was not only pain free, but had also lost 20 pounds. Brittney and Ben worked together to create a specialized workout just for Thomas, and the combination of Brittney’s Physical Therapy and Ben T’s Personal Training was a winning combination!  Thomas is now able to participate in the sports he enjoys which include football, basketball, and tennis at a competitive level! Thanks Rejuv! A special thanks to Dr. Kass, Brittney, and BenT.”


I started at Rejuv on the recommendation of a friend and I couldn’t be happier.  I talked to my friend one day and called Rejuv the next; I knew that if I waited I would move on and let another big chuck of time slip away.  I decided it would be best for me to start my journey with a personal trainer, gain some strength (and confidence) and then decide how to best move forward.  I was given the opportunity to train with Kim, how lucky I was!  I am pretty sure she knew from the get go that I wasn’t one of those people who loved working out.  I have a history of losing and gaining, losing and gaining, losing and gaining.  During my “losing” periods I would sort of embrace fitness, but it never lasted; as soon as I was looking the way I wanted I would start to slip back into bad habits – right back into my “gaining” phase.  Kim has worked hard to help me get back on track, she regularly reminds me of the importance of continuing my journey with both my diet and exercise.  This time around I have changed my food choices rather than the severe restrictions I have done in the past.   All my co-workers are amazed at what I am eating for lunch while I have managed to lose close to 30 lbs.   It’s because I am making the right choices.  I won’t say it doesn’t take willpower and discipline to make good choices, but I can say that once you do and you start to feel good it becomes an easier process.  I now plan my meals so I have healthy choices available, no more grabbing junk because that is all I have handy.  I am close to completing my sessions with Kim, I plan to start boot camps to continue to feel and look great.   Thank you Kim and thank you Rejuv.


If anyone wants to lose weight, get healthy, get strong and learn a lot about healthy living, Rejuv is the place to be! I am really pleased I came to Rejuv. Expect a transformation in your body and mind! Well versed trainers, friendly staff and a great clinic to help with the health challenges, anyone who walks in don’t have to fear about getting “left in the woods”. They WILL help you get healthy and get to your goals! Very friendly place:)


This was just sent out…a message from my trainer…the results!  It’s a little long, but a good read, gives you an idea of the challenge. So thought I’d share with you…my cheer team! Thank you for the support, encouragement and cheers! My trainer told me he wasn’t done with me yet, and I’m definitely not done with him!  He won the bragging rights of best trainer, but he truly is!  Throughout the three months, we never did the same work out twice. Amazing!  He was so supportive, sometimes unforgiving, but only because he genuinely cared for us. LOVE HIM!  But he’s right, specifically speaking for me; I didn’t want to let him down.  I’ve seen the disappointment on his face a couple times, and it crushed me.  But too, I didn’t want to let the team down.  But we rocked it!!!  The blue team came out in first! The team decided to continue getting our butts kicked by him, so this isn’t over for us! Thanks again!


I came to Rejuv Medical about 6 months ago. I worked out with your trainers for just shy of three months. In that time I had lost 23 and a half pounds. I just want to update you all that in the last 4 months following my experience at Rejuv, I have since lost an additional 35 pounds on my own. My success has come as a result of what I have learned with your staff. I am not the same person! Thank you for your continued support and help!


Just a quick note to thank you & your organization for helping me reach some of my goals, which I adjust as each one is accomplished.  When I talked with you in August and you told me my goal of 20# by the end of the year was totally achievable, my first thought was “you don’t know my history” – losing 5# and gaining 6 over and over and over.  At the end of the day, I would think “what if I just keep gaining and gaining until I am over 200#?” After reaching my 20# goal in October, I have continued to slowly lose 1-1.5# per week, and have lost 30# as of yesterday, going from 148 to 118.  This is the first time EVER that I have stayed with a program this long and have lost weight by eating appropriately.  I do not feel as though I am on a diet and do not feel deprived.  I have eliminated the tons of sugar I had been eating, which zapped my energy.  My biggest challenge now is to continue to make myself a priority so I can get enough exercise.  I am still working to reduce body fat and increase muscle. I do appreciate your newsletters.  A special thanks to my trainer for getting me started and to my boot camp instructor for making me work hard. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a great New Year.


Thank you Rejuv!  I would not be were I am today without your facility.   What I lost over the course of five years I was able to lose in a matter of months with the help of my trainer and as of a few months ago, boot camps.  I have lost 105 pounds and am down six sizes pant sizes. To my trainer, without your help and support I never would have made it this far.  You believed in me when I did not believe in myself and now look how far I have come.  Training at  5am has not always been easy, but it has been worth it. To my boot camp instructor, your boot camps gave me that extra “kick” that I needed.  With your help I am toned and now smaller than I was when I got married even though I am at the same weight. The road has had its ups and downs, but the Rejuv staff helped me stay the course and work through my obstacles by making sure I was using my food journal and staying accountable for my decisions. I am a new me, I am proud to show my two kids a healthy lifestyle of eating right and exercising. Thank you again to the entire staff at Rejuv for your support.  I have my life back thanks to you.


Rejuv Medical has changed my life! I had turned 50 in August and was not happy with the way I looked or felt. After hearing about Rejuv on Wild Country Radio, I decided to give it a try. Eleven weeks later, I am down more than 32 pounds and I feel great! I am loving going to the back of my closet and finding clothes that fit me again! I would recommend Rejuv Medical to anyone struggling with weight issues or wanting to get in better physical shape.


My story start quite a few years back before I knew about Rejuv. Always having a weight problem my entire life, I lost over 80 lbs. I needed the support to continue on this life change. The boot camps that I have been participating in have made me stronger, and made me realize that I can do it. Being someone that could not run a quarter of a mile, now I can, and have ran in a half marathon. It has helped me keep on track with this life change. The boot camps had made me realize that I can do it, and they have made me much stronger. The people I have met through Rejuv are amazing and support me on this life change journey all the way. The staff really does care about you and has been there every step of the way to help me succeed. I am able to do things now that I never thought I could do in my wildest dreams. The people that know me would of never thought I would ever be able to run a half marathon, but I have. This is owed to the encouragement from my trainer saying that I can. His support is awesome. I cannot wait to see what the next couple of years will bring me in my life, maybe a full marathon.


I started at Rejuv Medical because, like most, I needed to lose weight and feel better. I cannot begin to tell anyone how great it has been! I first heard of the program through Brook Stevens on Wild Country 99. I saw her success first hand when she hosted Avon Idol, and she looked great! With help from her Rejuv Trainer. I am down 37 pounds!


Rejuv was recommended to me by my medical provider as we discussed strength training as another thing I could do to ward off osteoporosis. I made an appointment to see what Rejuv was all about, and then made a three month commitment to work with a personal trainer. My results exceeded my expectations. I hoped to gain muscle strength, but ended up losing some weight and looking more toned as well. My personal trainer was pleasant to work with, knowledgeable about both exercise and nutrition, and really encouraged me to make small changes in my diet and daily routines. The exercise sessions were never boring, because it was different every time. He was very careful that I did the exercises correctly, that I was using the proper muscles, and was very diligent to make sure that nothing I did could result in injury. I’m finishing up my three month time in better shape than I was, and with an exercise plan that I can continue to do at home. I would highly recommend the services and staff at Rejuv Medical.


I just wanted to thank you for all of the support I have received since joining the program.  I never imagined how much it would impact my life.  Thanks to Rejuv Medical I have lost 40 pounds and am still losing.  I no longer need blood pressure medication and I have more energy than I have ever had before.  I feel great!  Who would have thought I would look forward to going to boot camps!  Every boot camp challenges me  to new levels and I am always pleasantly surprised by what I really can accomplish with my trainer’s guidance and the support of all of the staff members and fellow participants at Rejuv Medical.  My only regret is that it took me so long to find this program.  Thank You Again!


I had been stuck for over a year trying to loss weight with a nationally well known Weight Loss program.  I needed something new and someone pushing me.  I also have chronic rheumatoid and have over a dozen pins or joint replacements – I needed the help of a qualified trainer to help me get mobility back in parts of my body.  A third reason I checked out Rejuv was because of my illness I was on heavy and expensive medicines which I wanted to get away from.  I went to Rejuv looking for a new approach to my health. HOW HAS THE PROOGRAM AT REJUV MEDCAL CHANGED YOU LIFE? First of all I am only half way to my goal.  So far I have lost enough weight and body fat to have gone down two pant sizes which is nice.  I just generally feel better.  However the big thing is I have discontinued taking some drugs and have learned to take certain supplements and eat healthy quality food in replacement of those drugs.  I found out I was Gluten Intolerant and my joints are not swollen any longer just by eliminating gluten from my diet. I am also working out again and I am not just talking about my time with a trainer.  I am biking again and walking more.  Things are moving in me old body that haven’t moved for years.


After watching the grocery tour online, I wanted to drop you an email to let you know how much I have appreciated your programs at Rejuv. I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with a personal trainer, work on nutrition and tap into the group sessions/ boot camps.  I also am a proud parent of a child who has also been extremely pleased with the results of the HARDcore program. Bradley has commented on how he enjoys the staff and the STRUCTURE of the program.  It definitely beats all other training programs he has been involved.  He is very excited to start football camp on Monday to show what he has gained since March. We look forward to continuing his training this winter. Thank you to you and all your staff for the encouragement and dedication you have shown to Bradley and myself over the past months. Oh, I should let you know that I have lost over 30 pounds since I first was introduced to Rejuv.  I have another 13 to go before I am at my ideal weight.


After only 6 weeks, I am down 18 pounds, 16.5 inches and 2.5% Body Fat! I wanted to come to Rejuv Medical because I wanted to feel better for my wedding. I realized shortly into the program it would do a lot more for me. I have more confidence, I feel better in some of the clothes I wear, and it takes more to make me short of breath. I am thankful that a friend of my mom’s steered me in this direction.


Why did I join Rejuv? I was having a conversation with a staff member when for the second time he asked me to join. I said I was thinking about doing the Weight Watchers Program again. He replied to me by saying, “Do you realize what you just said? Do Weight Watchers AGAIN?” I really do not think I would have done the Weight Watchers Program, I was just looking for an excuse. I never exercised before. Sure I might have walked a little, but now I feel I need to exercise. It’s part of my daily chores. This staff has helped me lose 26 pounds. I feel better and my clothes are loose, and I am happy about that!


I can’t begin to fully express the impact that being involved in the Rejuv Boot camps has made in my life.  There are very few things in this life that exceed my expectations but I can say that Rejuv Boot camps have done just that.  I am excited to be involved with such a great group of people.  The trainers … what can I say about the trainers?  They are personable, down to earth people who aren’t afraid to challenge you when needed but are also compassionate when attendees are unable to endure through the entire workout. I recently read a quote by a famous sales trainer and motivator that I believe is appropriate for Rejuv Medical.  He said, “You can have anything you want as long as you are first willing to help others get what they want”. I foresee big things in Rejuv’s future as you continue to help people get their health and well being back again. Keep up the good work!  You are truly making a difference in the lives of so many.  


I joined Rejuv because it was a way for me to lose the weight and lower my blood pressure without needing to take harmful drugs. This was a healthy and natural way to achieve my goals. thanks to my personal trainer, I eat better, exercise more, and feel better.


Nancy came to Rejuv Medical seeking out ways to lose weight and to find solutions to her chronic medical concerns, so she could find enjoyment in retirement.  Nancy began her journey just a few months back with Dr. Baumgartner MD, Susan Schneider RN, & Christine B. CPT, her results were astonishing and predictable. Nancy has since lowered her Hemoglobin A1C from a 10 to a 6.5 without medications (This is a diabetic test). She has also improved Creatinine levels (for optimal kidney function). Finally she has since stopped all diabetic medications. When Nancy began, some of her first concerns were, “I hate exercise, I do not like the thought of it. I do not even like the sound of it. AND I never will!” Our staff greeted Nancy with a new term, and we had “dance sessions.” Nancy stopped one of the staff members and said, “You would have never guessed, but I feel I am eating Humble Pie. Rejuv Medical has changed my perspective on life, and I enjoy EXERCISE and Healthy Eating. Thank You!”


To have a chance to write a “review” as I like to call it about Nick Stram is honestly a privilege. I have known him for the past year and he has changed my life. When I first met him he was tasked with the lovely job of dealing with a person who knew she needed to change but really wasn’t ready for it. He was extremely patient and even though he was going through his struggles didn’t make light of mine. I am in awe of the type of person he is and he makes me want to be a better person. As a trainer he has a great way of knowing how far you can actually go even if you don’t think you can. I don’t know how many times he sets a weight in front of me and tells me to lift it only for me to give him that “you have got to be kidding me” look. I, in all my stubbornness, tell him he is crazy and then do as I’m told only to realize that he was right I was ready for that next level. He is a stickler for form and if you don’t do it right he will make you do it right. The other trainers I have had the privilege to work with while Nick was gone all say that my form is great and that is a huge testament to Nick. He has seen me go through some big time lows and has helped push me to some progress. I have crazy high expectations for myself and he pushes me because of it and in my eyes that is what makes him a great trainer. He gets to know his clients and uses everything in his knowledge to adapt to their needs.


I have been a member to several gyms over the years, but never one like at Rejuv Medical.  This is not a place to come and work out, this is a place to come and train physically and emotionally to be a better person and athlete.  You are not amongst members, you are amongst family who are there to help support you and better you as a person.  Nothing better then a POSITIVE ADDICTION. Make it a great day!


Shawn hasn’t been able to participate in track the last two seasons because of hamstring and low back issues. He sought us out to get some help to make it through the season. One of the best kids you’ll ever meet ” Hey AJ! Here’s a little update on track so far: our team took 3rd at the true team state meet a few weeks ago. I was also all conference in the 4×100 and all conference honorable mention in the 200 at conference last week. Yesterday I qualified to run the 100, 200, and 4×100 at section finals on Saturday and ran the 6th best 200 time in our school history. Thanks for all your help in getting me ready for this season!”


I have battled with my weight my entire life.  As many people do, I have gone on diets and had great success……just to gain it back a while later.  In my early 20’s I found out I was a diabetic.  20 years of sugars that bounced up and down, led me to November of 2013.  I had just gone through my 2nd eye surgery for diabetic retinopathy.  It was extremely painful and something I never wanted to have to do again!!  As a last ditch effort, I contacted Rejuv Medical and little did I know the path I started that day!!  I emailed to ask what types of programs they had that might help and told them my story.  Yes, I got an email back, but also got so much more!!!  I started my journey with Rejuv Medical in December of 2013.  It has been a long, tough journey and I am still only at the beginning.  I had been working very hard at the exercise and eating part of the program.  What I didn’t realize I really had to work on was the mental part of the journey.  I needed to trust others!!  I needed to trust that my trainer, and the rest of the staff, is giving me support that is genuine.  They really do care about what happens to me.  I needed to trust I can do this and get rid of all of the old messages that play through our minds as we start this journey.  I am still working on that part! The beginning of my journey has been filled with ups and downs.  I have gone through doubt, injury and frustrations.  But, with much support from the staff of Rejuv, I have hit 2 major accomplishments.  In March, I went in to have my 3rd eye surgery.  Long story short…..I DIDN’T HAVE TO HAVE IT!!!!!  Directly because of the work I had done with Rejuv Medical, with my eating and exercise, the retinopathy had improved. I could not believe my ears when the Dr. said, “Tell me about your life.  What have you changed?  We are not doing surgery today!”   The 2nd accomplishment was something I had always wanted to do but always believed that I couldn’t.  I ran my first 5k—The Color Run.  What a feeling of exhilaration when I finished the run.  What a blessing to know that just 5 months ago, before starting at Rejuv Medical, this would never have been something I would have ATTEMPTED let alone completed successfully. The last thing I want to say about Rejuv is that if you don’t think you would be comfortable at the gym, Rejuv is the place for you!!  This gym is filled will people from all stages and abilities.  It is a place of encouragement and not judgment.  It is a common occurrence to see members cheering each other on and praising each other for making accomplishments.  It is a place where you can succeed!!  At the beginning of this, I said I told them my story and they helped me get started.  We all have a story.  What’s yours?  Come to Rejuv and get started!


My name is Valerie.  I started at Rejuv Medical in December of 2010.  My goal was to lose 50 pounds by my birthday about six months later.  I lost 40 pounds in my first 4½ months!!  I got down to my goal weight, and continue to build up my strength. My trainer is an awesome trainer who took me from being a person who rarely exercised to a strong, fit, and healthy person.  He doesn’t get in your face like you may see on TV shows, but pushes you to work hard and to believe in yourself.  He also helps with nutrition and offers healthy ideas and alternatives for foods that may be obstacles for losing weight. I love the fact that the focus is on learning a new way to eat, not following a strict “diet” that is unrealistic to follow for a lifetime. The support staff is kind, non-judgmental, and very knowledgeable.  I met with a staff member for an initial consultation and for a metabolic test.  I believe that their staff pays attention to each incoming client to determine which trainer would best fit her/his individual needs and personality.  I thought I knew quite a bit about healthy eating (although I didn’t practice it), but I learned a TON of new information on the guided grocery store tour with a trainer! I have a separate trainer that runs the “Boot Camp” classes that I attend and he really pushes us to the limit!  I never would have believed that I would be able to do some of the things that I am now able to do!!!  He is always very well prepared with a workout plan that is focused, well-balanced, and grueling!  I appreciate that he changes things up so we don’t get “bored” with the workouts and so that we are working all parts of the body.  He watches each of us to ensure we are using proper form so we get the most out of each exercise and don’t hurt ourselves. I am a fairly frugal person, and money was a concern of mine when I was considering joining Rejuv.  I have since decided, however, that it is much more expensive to spend smaller amounts of money on books, fad diets, controlled food programs, and other weight loss plans that may or may not work.  I knew that in order for me to get fit and healthy and to stay that way for life, it would require a lifestyle change.  We’ve all heard that a million times, but it’s really true.  And in order to make that lifestyle change, I had to be educated.  As an educator of children, I know that a quality education does not happen overnight, and oftentimes, it requires an investment of money as well.  I can tell you that the investment was not in Rejuv Medical.  Rather, the investment was in myself and it was SO worth it!!!  I am now looking forward to being a very active “grandma” and I plan on living a long, healthy life, God willing. Thank You to everyone at Rejuv!!!


I have been meaning to give a big thank you to Rejuv for letting me continue to be a part of group work out classes even though I am 32 weeks pregnant. Instead of asking me to stop or switch to “just walking”, every single one of the trainers that run the boot camps I go to has modified the exercises for me and done nothing but encourage me and help me stay active this whole time. I know that without that support and help, I could have EASILY become a lazy preggo and probably gained a ton of weight and not been as mobile or felt as good as I do now. I haven’t had to deal with gestational diabetes, I don’t have the aches and pains of a lot of pregnant women, and I can honestly say, that with the exception of the comforting kicks coming from my belly, I do not feel pregnant, I feel GREAT and I know it’s because of Rejuv. So thank you again for not being scared off by my pregnancy, but for helping me stay active and healthy, it’s going to make labor and getting back into shape after baby is born that much easier!


Thank you to the entire staff at Rejuv for changing my life! The past 7 months have been absolutely wonderful to see myself grow with the help of your amazing trainers (esp the two I worked with closely, Danielle and Nate). The support they give us during our journey is a huge reason for the success stories. Thanks for the kick butt workouts, the support, and the encouragement to know that I too deserve happiness in whatever I want to achieve. Who knew that moving to a different state would cause me to be so sad leaving a gym. Didn’t think that was possible, but you never know how strong you are until you try! Thanks again to everyone at Rejuv, even the clients that gave extra support. Your wisdom will be used daily no matter where I go ?


I have been meaning to send a note to the owner. Everything is GREAT!  I am in the Biggest Loser and it has been worth every cent!  Nate is my trainer and I am with a wonderful small group of women.  Nate is so encouraging and always postitive and knowledgeable!!  I have nothing but good things to say about the facility or the program and all the employees are so friendly!!! I dont know how anyone could not succeed here…there are so many resources and people always willing to help! I wish I would have known about this facility three years ago!  I no longer wake up every day thinking about my weight!! It feels good!  AND, I love the casual atmosphere…everyone is there for one thing and that is to get heathy or stay healthy!  I think I will stay with Rujuv after the Biggest Loser…I will look at what packages you have to offer and drop my other gym membership!  Also. thank you for your encouraging and informative emails!! Enough for now!!! ? 


Our Rejuv Story: Rick and I started at Rejuv in May.  Rick had just started blood pressure medication for a couple of months and was having to change prescriptions a lot to try to get his blood pressure controlled.  He also snored more and more all the time.  At times I would sleep on the couch to get some sleep or get him to go to the couch so I could sleep.  I have been on diets since my late 30’s.  I would lose weight, gaining it all back and some more, lose it again, gain again, over and over.   You have heard the story from others.  We both have family history of heart disease and both of Rick’s parents have diabetes. I had heard radio ads about Rejuv.  One day, JR came to a biologics company, where I work and talked about weight loss and nutrition.  We made an appointment with Ben to talk things over.  After thinking it over a few days we decided it was either make the changes now, on our own terms, or do later, when disease was already doing some damage.  We were able to share trainer time and we worked together with eating and exercising.  We learned so much about nutrition and reading labels and portion control.  We learned through our trainer and the grocery store tours about the marketing gimmicks that are used to sell so-called “healthy” or “diet” foods. Your Staff, our trainer, was great!  She made sure we were not feeling hungry.  She was always supportive.  She gave us little pushes when we needed them.  She made sure we understood the nutrition program.  She helped Rick stay on track even when he was on the road and not able to be at the training sessions. I always enjoyed our trainer’s sense of humor and her ability to encourage you when mistakes were made.  We never felt that we were scolded.  Her attitude was how to make things work better so we could get back on track and stay there.  She helped us find foods and meals that worked for us.  We learned we had muscles in places we didn’t know existed.  Her work outs were never the same, never boring.  We were taught how to position ourselves correctly to avoid injury and to get the most benefit of the exercises.  (That is something you don’t really learn from DVD’s.)  I never thought I would swing a mallet to beat on a truck tire. Here we are, 6 months later, 70+ pounds lighter, feeling great, in better shape than we have been in probably 20+ years.  We worked all day recently, cutting, hauling, pilling wood.  Neither of us was beat at the end of the day, nor did we have aches and pains that night or the next day.  Rick went from a 38 inch waist to a 34 and you can see his belt buckles.  I went from a size 12 to a 6.  I may even enjoy shopping for a new swim suit next spring.  THANKS, TEAM!!!! Rick is no longer taking meds for his blood pressure.  I can’t remember the last time I heard him snore.  I now have biceps that you can see.  We are feeling great!  We feel we have the tools we need to maintain this life style of eating healthy and keeping our bodies in good shape to make the years ahead of us so much better and enjoyable.   Forget the rocking chairs for our retirement! Thanks to all at Rejuv for changing our lives and helping us to get fit!  We are so happy we decided to join and we truly have spent our money wisely.

Carol & Rick

Dear Rejuv staff: I wanted to share a success story with you.  On Thanksgiving Day, as we went around our table sharing what we were thankful for, I said I was thankful for my trainer at Rejuv. I said this as I gazed down at a plate full of healthy choices! I began the day trying to figure out what outfit to wear to dinner that afternoon…usually I have a large pile of discarded outfits on the floor. Outfits which are too tight – each one I remove and discard takes away a bit of my happy spirit. This year the pile was filled with outfits that were baggy! Each outfit I discarded added to my “you go momma bear attitude!” I was able to wear ‘that cute dress’ I only dreamed of wearing when I bought it! How do you begin to thank someone for a new life?  I feel that I have been motivated to make a personal lifetime change….not just lose weight. My trainer is a perfect fit for me—I needed someone who would hold me accountable and make me want to come to my sessions. I am ‘that’ person who paid Weight Watchers dues for a year, before I realized you actually had to ‘do’ the program to lose weight. I am ‘that’ person who joined Gold’s Gym and tried to come up with ways to scan my card – not exercise- and still get the insurance credit for going to the gym! Michelle has been able to read my abilities, encourage me, know my limits, push me, get me to try exercises I never thought I’d be able to do, make it all fun and get me to open up about the real me! She’ll ask the tough questions – and I feel that we’ve gotten to know each other enough that I am honest with her. She has the gift of ‘reading’ people and understanding them. She is also very educated in physical training—I have chronic back problems, and she has been able to work with me through a variety of exercises. I can’t wait until I run my first 5K with her! I’ve been motivated in all areas of my life. I now set a goal- and work to reach it. My husband says I am very good at starting projects….I have great ideas, but I don’t commit.  This year I have committed to being a healthier person – a stronger person, in many ways. You motivated me not only to commit to exercise, but also to healthy eating. We have been able to work through my fast food drive-thru obsession! Not only making healthy choices, but also saving money. I also have been motivated to complete the Masters’ Program I put on hold 5 years ago. I’ve set a goal and I will work to reach it. There are also some very simple things which I was missing in my life due to my weight and lack of strength. I am proud that I can help carry a ping-pong table…and I don’t just give up when it feels heavy. I now work thru and tell myself I CAN DO IT! I want to live my life to the fullest and enjoy doing this.


I had gained about 5 to 7 pounds in the past year so my doctor encouraged me to try and take that off. I had always exercised and felt that I knew a lot about nutrition. I’d certainly dieted plenty in my life!  I spent 6 months and had only lost 4 pounds!  After seeing a number of advertisements about Rejuv I decided to give personal training a try.  I decided to try it for a month since there was a money back guarantee.  I felt a little funny at first because I really just wanted to lose 10 pounds and not 50 or 100 like some of the people in the before and after shots.  My trainer helped me realize that even though I didn’t have a lot to lose I was making a positive choice to be healthier.  After the first month I had lost 4 pounds and I was feeling so much stronger.  I decided to keep going.  My trainer was so encouraging and my workouts got more intense.  Before I realized it I could do 50 pushups and was stronger than I’ve been in over 20 years!  I’ve now lost more than 20 pounds and over 16 inches and have gone from a size 12 to a 4 or 6 depending on the clothes!  I look better than ever and even more important I feel like a new person. I am strong, healthy, and confident and know that the things I have learned about exercise, nutrition, and my own determination will make this a lifetime change and not just another diet. Thanks Rejuv for helping me find the healthy lifestyle that will benefit not just me but my whole family!


Thank you so much!!  It’s been hard, but has gotten easier now that this is my lifestyle.  I hope to never go back to my old habits; but I think I learned enough and know how foods affect me and by keeping my mind strong, I won’t allow myself to go back. Sure I will indulge a little, but then know I need to make that up in some way…exercise! I was just telling a friend this morning that I can’t believe my endurance and strength! I love it!  I do have a little way to go yet…30 more is the next goal! ? But yes this is total rejuvenation and I am so happy that I finally found something that works! Thank you so much for everything!!  ?


Tired of being over-weight, out of shape, with no energy and moody, I decided to finally do something about it.  I didn’t want to continue on the journey of gaining more weight and being unhappy with how I felt.  I knew it was time to change my life and so I went to Rejuv. I have lost over 40# and 4 jean sizes over the course of about six months.  I can’t explain how much better I feel about myself and how this has spilled over into everything I do.  I have so much more energy, confidence and I have a much cheerier and positive attitude towards life. Making the time and spending the money at Rejuv is not even a question of whether it is worth it; the question really is how could I be without it?  It has transformed my life. The weight loss program at Rejuv has been wonderful.  From the staff going over nutrition and clean eating, to many Boot Camps with various trainers; everyone who works at Rejuv has been so encouraging and helpful.  My trainer serves a LOT of credit for getting me into shape and helping me stay on track. He is very dedicated to getting the best results out of me during every training session.  I think he was a great fit for me.  I respond best to someone with a no nonsense type approach, get the work done, no excuses type of trainer…..and that is what I got with him.  He pushes me to do exercises and weight lifting that I would never have done on my own or would have never pushed myself as far if he wasn’t there instructing me in technique and encouraging me to keep going!  He is always switching up the work-outs so I never get bored with the training sessions. He is a GREAT trainer with exceptional knowledge and professionalism, with a bit of humor mixed in; and, of course, a kick-ass attitude.  I feel one of my trainer’s favorite things to say to me after I’m done with an exercise, and we are about to go onto the next exercise is; “Whenever you’re ready!”  Which I have come to learn really means – “Get Moving!”  Some of his work-outs can push me to my limits, but that is what I like about his work-outs – doing things I never thought I could do!  It is challenging, but very rewarding! I now also have my girls coming to Rejuv for the HardCore Program which the girls really love going too.  This place has something for everyone!  I would highly recommend Rejuv!


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