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Use Your Own Stem Cells To Heal And Regenerate Your Body

Dr. Baumgartner was the first Minnesota physician to bring stem cell treatments to the upper Midwest. Dr. Baumgartner saw the promising effects of what a patient’s own stem cells could do to promote healing and repair and decided to offer this non-invasive procedure.

Stem Cell Treatments: Unlike a standard stem cell procedure, Rejuv Medical has learned to take this procedure a step further and has launched a version of advanced stem cell and platelet procedures. Though these procedures can not guarantee results for all, there have been many studies done that are proving the results are effective and worthy of practicing. Rejuv Medical continues to strive in pioneering the field of Regenerative Medicine. Before we can understand how stem cells work, we need to understand how the healing process happens in our bodies and what platelets and stem cells are responsible for in our bodies.

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