Friday is National Refreshment Day! Obviously, we all know that drinking water is one of the best ways to stay hydrated on a daily basis. Although, there are some days where staying hydrated can be difficult, like a hot summer day when you’re playing sand volleyball all afternoon or after a night out with friends and a few too many adult beverages. In these cases, replenishing your hydration and electrolytes is very important. It’s easy to become dehydrated, especially when you are preoccupied by playing a game or visiting with friends.

One way to help stay hydrated is with an ORT (oral rehydration therapy) beverage. These beverages were originally developed to help children regain hydration from sickness but have now turned into a popular beverage of choice for many adults, especially after a night out. These ORT beverages alleviate dehydration quickly, some of the popular brands being Liquid IV, Pedialyte, Bodyarmor, and Gatorade.

The pros of products like these are obvious, to rehydrate, but sometimes the cons can be lost in the mix when choosing a beverage. While you’re rehydrating your body, remember the other ingredients that are added to these products. Brands like Gatorade can include harmful dyes, like Red 40, and brands like Pedialyte include sucralose, a sugar additive that can increase inflammation in the body and raise blood sugar levels.

Although, ORT beverages are meant to be higher in sodium and sugar, in order to qualify as a proper ORT, but try to limit yourself on the quantity you do consume. Remember, the ultimate hydrating beverage will always be water, so stick to that when it is possible.

Stay hydrated, my friends ????