Hello Rejuv Family!

Since starting my practice at Rejuv Medical, people often ask me, “How did you choose Rejuv Medical?” The answer to that question is easy, much easier than trying to explain functional medicine. When I started my post-high school studies, I developed a passion for the use of exercise and nutrition to support whole person healing. I could have only dreamed of a place where fitness, nutrition, functional medicine, orthopedics, and physical therapy all fell under one roof. When I found Rejuv, I knew it was the perfect place for me from the moment I walked in the door. IT WAS A DREAM COME TRUE! What makes Rejuv such a special place to work? THE PEOPLE! The entire team at Rejuv is dedicated to supporting optimal health for each and every person who walks in the door!

I have also had many people ask, “What is functional medicine and why did you choose to practice it?” Well, I’m here today to answer that question for you. Functional medicine helps get to the root cause of imbalances occurring within the body, leading to dis-ease (get it?!). Instead of using a band-aid to cover up the issue, we get out our shovels and dig deep down to the roots to find out what is going on within the body that is causing the dysregulation. For example, in someone who has a lot of fatigue, we figure out what within the body is imbalanced, and correct that underlying issue to support whole person health.

Why did I choose functional medicine?! I was so sick and tired of watching everyone I cared for be so sick, and so tired. It was medication after medication, without any concern as to WHY dis-ease was occurring within the body. Medication is great when absolutely needed, don’t get me wrong. However, I could not (and would not) be responsible for handing out medication after medication without knowing WHY it was needed by the body. It’s almost like being a detective and the clues (symptoms) lead you to the answer (cause for disease and how to correct it).

Who is my favorite type of patient to see you might wonder? EVERYONE! I LOVE having a variety of patients in my practice. I enjoy working with patients of all ages ranging from elite level athletes trying to optimize their health, to those dealing with chronic diseases who are tired of their treatment plan. It’s important to me that each and every patient is treated as an individual person, with no two people alike. Even in those with the same symptoms or same disease, the treatment plan will never be the same, as each patient has their own individual needs.

SO, if you’re struggling with stress, fatigue, chronic disease, pain, inflammation (or anything else related to your health), or just want to optimize your health, I would love to have the opportunity to partner with you in your health journey.

I look forward to meeting you,
Shelby D, The Functional NP

–Shelby is on site at the Edina clinic on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and in Waite Park on Thursdays and Fridays.