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Harvest, Harvest! 

Well, the dog days of summer are upon us and that brings to mind harvest season for some of our favorite crops, like sweet corn. At the same time it makes us think about how much we rely on our body to help us with harvest, working or just swimming at the cabin. To keep our bodies healthy and pain free, Rejuv Medical has been leading the way in regenerative orthopedics for the past 12 years. Often we refer to our stem cell treatments as almost like farming for the body because of the unique three part series that is involved with Prolotherapy, Stem Cells and PRP. Continue reading where we will explain how this process is similar to tending to a farm or garden.


Our stem cell procedure often calls for people coming in for three different days of appointments. Generally, we start with Prolotherapy on Day 1. Prolotherapy is a dextrose(sugar) based solution that acts as an irritant to the body. We refer to this as “tilling the soil” to help get the area ready for stem cells. This solution is injected into the area of pain to help signal to the body that it should send more blood. The reason for this is that the blood is carrying healing cells and growth factors to help engage the healing process.


The next appointment is generally about 3-5 days after. On this day we collect the healthy stem cells through a bone marrow harvest from the patients hip bone. After we take this marrow into our lab and extract all the healthy stem cells, we re-injection them into the joint or tendon that we are looking to heal. This step is referred to as “planting the seed” because we are coating the damaged area with them stem cells that will grow and multiply in that area in order to heal the area or provide additional cushioning to that joint.