We would like to thank you for being part of our Rejuv Medical family.

Families are naturally full of individuals who have their own unique perspective but also deep down have a pretty incredible bond. We’d like to think that no matter why you are here or how you became part of our family, that we are all united by a common bond of natural health and wellness. We’d like to build on that bond by sharing a weekly wellness message with you.

Each week we will be bringing you information about the resources, education, events, products and services at Rejuv Medical that are available to you.

Focus on your Purpose, not your Problem

Where’s your head at?

Are you carrying a lot of weight? No, not body weight, mental weight.  Do you put expectations on yourself that steer you away from your path of purpose? Is it easier to see the burden and not the blessings? It can be. We get it.  Having an attitude of gratitude is something that takes practice. Just like you work out your biceps, you need to work out your brain.

How do you fix a flabby attitude? Focus on your purpose; find your why. When you stay focused on your purpose, not your problem, happiness and satisfaction will bubble to the surface.

What do you believe is your purpose in life? Focus on it.

What fulfills you and brings you joy? Make it a part of your daily life.

What re-fills your tank? Soak it up!

What are you most grateful for? Count those blessings!

If you had all the time in the world and money was no object, how would you invest your time?

What distractions are derailing all those things you just thought about.

Is it pain?

Is it low energy?

Is it an injury or illness?

Is it a heavy heart?

Is it a lack of sleep?

Is it a lack of determination?

What’s in your way?

At Rejuv Medical, our team of health coaches can help you focus on your nutrition as well as your state of mind.

We can help decrease pain and increase self-confidence.

We can help decrease your blues and increase your energy.

We can help you lose both physical and mental weight while helping you gain strength, endurance and confidence. We can help you put those sleepless nights behind you and create new healthy habits for life.

If you feel like you’ve lost focus and aren’t living your best life, check into Rejuv Medical’s deep well of resources to see if we can help get you back on track!

Want to learn more about Health Coaching? Stay tuned to Wednesday’s blog where our Integration Specialist Kirsten sits down and interviews Jen, our Wellness Director and one of our Health Coaches to learn more.  Find out how you can receive a complimentary 30-minute consultation with a member of the Health Coaching team to get you back on the fast track to success in your health and wellness journey.