It is estimated that more than 90% of today’s population suffer from breathing problems.

The follwoing common but unhealthy breathing patterns lead to reduced oxygen levels that can result in chronic diseases. Getting conscious with the way you breathe by slower and deeper breaths can help shift habitually poor breathing patterns you may be experiencing, such as:

-Forward Head Posture

-Mouth Breathing

-Chronic Sinusitis


-Chest Breathing



-Acid Reflux



The benefits of better breathing entail a full inhalation which powers metabolism, circulation, and the ability to heal. Smooth, steady, even breathing stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (the Rest and Digest system instead of the Sympathetic Nervous system known as the “Fight or Flight” system) and teaches the body to lock in relaxation. Taking smooth, deep breaths increases energy, health, stamina, mental clarity, and the ability to relax. 

Breathing Exercises/Methods to look into to establish healthier breathing patterns include:

-Three-Part breathing

-Extended Exhalation breathing

-Breath of Joy

-Standing Deep breathing

-Alternate Nostril breathing

-Victorious breathing

-Lion’s breath

-Candle breathing

-Twenty Connected breaths


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