Move It Or Lose It!

Let’s talk about moving. NO, not moving to Hawaii… moving your SELF, every day, the right way.

Moving can be good and moving can be bad. It’s good when it’s done right, it can be really bad if it’s done wrong.

We work with people all the time who are on the move. Here in the gym at Rejuv Medical, we have professionally trained Medical Fitness Specialists on hand who monitor the moves of bootcampers and studio class takers and weightlifters. They make sure leverage is level and all lifting, pushing, pulling, running and burpee-ing is smooth and safe.  But we can’t all have a handy dandy Medical Fitness Specialist with us everywhere we go, so sometimes we make the wrong move. Like when we lurch on the boat lift and wrench our back or yank on a lawnmower cord and tweak our shoulder or bend over the garden for far too long and there goes our back again or think we can somehow slalom ski after a 10 year hiatus only to shred a hamstring when we faceplant, or go for an extra-long calf-straining run because it’s finally nice enough to run in the sun. Summer moves…that we often pay the price for with serious body strains.

Of course, movement is still a good thing. It just makes sense. Move it or lose it, right? Movement is one of our core elements here at Rejuv Medical. It’s essential to your health. It’s a big deal. But it’s really important to think before you move. Here are some things to think about when you are on the move:

  • Stretch – Give those muscles a little wakeup call before you jump behind the boat on the tube with the kids or attempt to throw the kayak in the back of the truck.
  • Pace yourself – Summer is short and of course you want to get the lawnmowing done fast so you can get to smore-making, but take it easy and don’t strain – use your brain.
  • Breathe — Breathe out as you lift the dock or push the boat lift, then breathe in as you relax.
  • No jerks allowed — Use smooth, steady movements to lift, pull, push, rake, shovel…you get the idea. If it’s too heavy, stop. Get help. That’s what neighbors are for.
  • Take breaks – it’s summer. Enjoy it. Give yourself, and your body, a break now and then.
  • Sleep – Yes, it’s hard to hit the hay when the sun is shining, but stay on a sleep schedule and your body with thank you.
  • Get professional help – So the stronger you start, the stronger you’ll stay. Get strong with us in the gym and you’ll be better equipped to tackle your summer chores and summer fun!

Along those same lines, If it hurts when you move, don’t ignore it. Can’t lift your arm over your head due to an old or current shoulder injury? Experiencing shooting pain down your leg when you run? Have persistent painful knots in your back or shoulder blades? Arthritis or bone on bone knee joints slowing you down? If it hurts, we can help. Rejuv Medical’s regenerative medicine procedures target your pain without surgery, and with very little to no down time, so you can get back to enjoying your summer and moving as much as you like. Whether it’s a new or old injury, chronic or acute pain, Rejuv Medical’s menu of care will have something to help.

In the meantime, go get a move on!