2019 Award Winning Stem Cell Therapy

Rejuv Medical Earns Two Prestigious Awards from the Top Interventional-Orthopedic Network in the World!

• Total Regenerative Procedures Award (PRP and Stem Cells) 
• Top Volume Per Capita Award

This would never have been possible without you… Rejuv Medical would first and foremost extend a warm thank you to you and all our patients. Without your trust and the trust from our patients, none of this would even be attainable. Thank You Minnesota!


What is the ”Rejuv Difference” and what separated Rejuv this year  (Top Three)

1) Great Outcomes: Our Team of Highly-Skilled Physicians take a comprehensive three-step approach to treating pain and injuries. We Restore the body through basic lifestyle transformations such as: healthy eating, functional movement, and fitness. Functional medicine and Internal Medicine then can be used to Rejuvenate Cell-Health, by optimizing labs, reducing inflammation, improving gut health. Finally, we introduce Regenerative Medicine using the body’s own ability to heal without drugs or surgery as the first-line treatment. Patient Outcomes are accelerated when we take the time to prepare our patient’s body prior to the Regenerative Treatments. 

2) Proper Technology and Advancements: Every team member understands their role. It is imperative that everyone on the team understands that they are a change maker. Every interaction with the process and with the patient requires precision, passion and knowledge in order to deliver a quality outcome and patient experience.  

3) Our Patients & Medical Partners: There is nothing that says, “Thank You,” louder than that of a patient testimonial, patient review, or a patient referral. To all of you who place trust in us and to all our patients who refer their friends and family to us, Thank you! In addition, to all the surgeons, chiropractors and allied medical professionals, who don’t believe drugs or surgery should be the first option, who continue to refer patients to us, Thank You.