As the Fall season gets underway, I’m sure most of us are thinking of nothing more than the changing colors, Friday night lights, and the occasional pumpkin flavored treat! Yet with this time of year it’s important to remember the increased risk of experiencing slips and falls. The weather becomes more damp and colder temperatures lead to slick ice on sidewalks and driveways. Here are just a few ways to keep you safe from avoidable injuries this season!

  1. If you have garage, always be sure to park your vehicle inside, even when you’re just making a quick stop at home! Avoid slick surfaces altogether this way.
  2. Lighten your load! This is not the time to be the “one trip fits all” person. Avoid carrying heavy loads or objects that obstruct our view. When we carry excess weight, it throws off our normal center of gravity and increases our risk for falls.
  3. Keep your home free of rugs! Rugs are a major trip hazard and get caught easily on shoes and/or walkers/canes.
  4. Use handrails on stairs, in the showers, and anywhere we do a lot of sitting to standing. Handrails are relatively easy to install, and several inexpensive options are available.
  5. Keep your home dry! Take off outside shoes that are wet with either rain or snow and change into a dry pair before going inside. This also keeps your house cleaner! (double win)

That’s all for now everyone. Hopefully these tips can help a few of us stay safer this season. Avoiding falls reduces our risk of bone breaks, bruises, and concussions. Let’s work to keep ourselves healthy this season to fully enjoy the festivities that Fall and winter bring.

Committed to your health,

Kayla D, DPT