Katie’s Journey

Hello, my name is Katie and I want to tell you a little bit about the last couple years of my life...

I had settled. I decided that if God made me this size I need to stop being unhappy about it just accept it and move on. Well, we all know how well that works. I was still unhappy with myself. I kept hearing this ad on the radio about this place called Rejuv, so I went into an open house and entered into a chance for The Biggest Loser. I didn’t win, but they reached out to me and that call made such a impact on me that I signed up and changed my life forever.

I started out fast and lost 60lbs the first 3 months.  It was crazy!  I had to teach myself how to still have fun and do normal group activities and not feel guilty about having a cheat meal or missing a workout but still understanding that when I did do those things not to get mad if the scale didn’t move that week.

I have accomplished so much through my journey, always keeping the key ingredient in that success: Rejuv.

I am currently down around 80lbs and still working towards my goal weight. I have grown a passion for running. I completed my first half marathon last fall and hoping to do a full marathon this fall.

The wonderful trainers I’ve had the privilege to work with have all been so supportive. Currently I train one on one with Amanda and she is so supportive, but still stern when I need it and is doing probably the best thing by teaching me how to love myself. With Amanda’s

own passion for running I firmly believe as long as the PRP injection (I also had done at Rejuv for a torn LCL and lateral meniscus) heals in time I should have no problem completing my first full marathon. There are so many classes offered at Rejuv I have also grown a passion for Spin, which I will be soon certified to teach. There are just so many ways Rejuv and the people there have positively impacted my life I don’t know where I would be without it. So I hope that I have encouraged you to change your life today and truly start living to your full potential. I know I have many more state parks to hike, mountains to stand on top of and races to run.

Trainer Amanda’s Testimonial:

From the first day that I started helping Katie through her weight loss journey, she has been an extremely dedicated and determined individual in achieving her goals. Every time Katie comes into Rejuv, she enters with an upbeat and positive attitude towards everyone around her. She is always getting to know other members in the gym and encouraging them to continue in their own weight loss journey. Katie is a very inspirational person to work with because even though she has had her own personal setbacks, she still makes it a part of her every day schedule to get her workout in at Rejuv, no matter how tough or busy her day has been. – Amanda C.


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