our approach
Phase One – Metabolic Reset
Designed to detoxify your body of the years of bad food choices, bad fats and chemically processed foods.  Phase One will get your metabolism reset and burning to start the deep mobilization of fat stores. It will retrain your taste palate not to not crave sweet, calorie-rich and nutritionally empty foods.
Phase Two – Metabolic Restoration
Through this reintroduction phase you will slowly reintroduce specific foods that you eliminated in Phase One. Biochemically, we’re all unique and have individual needs for how much to eat, what to eat, and when to eat. Adding back food groups in isolation of the others allows you the opportunity to notice how your body reacts to the food type.
Phase Three – Metabolic Balancing
Once you hit your weight and health goal you will transition into this maintenance phase of your heath journey. Here you have reached your weight, cholesterol, blood sugar and body habitus goals.  This phase is about learning how to sustain hormonal and metabolic order.