COVID-19 Update:

We’ve been closely monitoring the changes happening in our community and are following guidelines recommended by the CDC and Government. We will be suspending all gym activities as of Tuesday, March 17th. We will be offering virtual training and at home visits with your trainer, as well as training videos for kids with more to be announced! With information changing daily, we will re-evaluate on-site activities on March 28th. Rejuv Medical is open for all of your healthcare needs in Physical Therapy, Orthopedic and Primary Care, as well as Functional Medicine.  We also have Telehealth options for visits from the comfort of your home!

These will be time based. Visits that qualify will be:

-Ortho recheck or follow-up

-Lab review

-Functional Med initial visit, recheck or follow up

-Internal Medicine initial visit, recheck or follow up

-Physical Therapy

THANK YOU to everyone that has been so adaptable to the transitions being made during this time. We appreciate you and are here for you!

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