Othopedics & Sports Medicine

Dr. Baumgartner was the first Minnesota physician to bring stem cell treatments to the upper midwest, by partnering with Regenexx® five years ago. Dr. Baumgartner saw the promising effects of what a patient’s own stem cells could do to promote healing and repair and decided to offer this non-invassive procedure.


Medical Weight Loss

In the past, weight loss programs were based on one metric and one metric alone: pounds lost.   But now, with the introduction of Clinical Bio-Metrics, we can examine the full picture, both internally and externally, as each individual moves through a personalized weight loss and overall health journey.


Physical Therapy

Our unique approach to health and wellness provides the supportive environment you need to achieve a healthier and more balanced life.



Our team of sports medicine physicians, physical therapists, exercise physiologists, certified trainers and our registered dietitian created HARDcore with our athletes to give them the competitive to crush the competition.

Functional Medicine

Rejuv Medical is a leader in the industry of Anti-Aging Medicine. Our client based is derived from individuals, of all walks of life, throughout the world. Anti-Aging Medicine simply means that we are using evidence based science to keep people younger, stronger and healthier for a longer period of time.



At Rejuv Medical, our skilled team of Estheticians are ready to help you rebuild and restore your skin to its healthiest state.