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The VIP Medical Fitness Test Drive

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“The personal treatment and unique plans that they are able to make for you will set you up for success. From the fun and challenging classes, to working with the Medical Fitness Specialist, this place will hold you accountable and educate how to make this a long term solution.”.

VIP Medical Fitness Test Drive

  • Health and Nutritional Assessment
    • During this initial consultation we will review your past history as well as perform a test to see where you are at nutritionally. This consultation is meant to find where you have been and where you are trying to get to with your goals. This meeting is great for discovering what your obstacles may have been and how to work beyond them.
  • Body Movement Analysis – Personal Training Session #1
    • Using our Integrated Movement Assessment (IMA) we will be able to test your body for muscle imbalances and weakness that could be causing you dysfunction or pain. Using the results from this assessment, we can develop a plan for any areas of concern.
  • Personal Training Session #2
    • After we have analyzed your goals and IMA, we will develop a training session that is unique to you and built around your goals. This session will educate how to workout with a purpose, while also being challenged.
  • Personal Health Coaching Session
    • We will end with a personal health coaching session that will review the information that was gained through the program and assist you in the development of the goals and roadmap for you to continue your journey on your own. Whether you choose to stay with us, or try it on your own, you will now have the knowledge and a plan to move forward.

The decision to lose weight and change your lifestyle is a huge decision. If it were easy, everyone would do it. Losing weight is a really simple process…consume less calories than you burn and, well, you know how it goes. But major weight loss, you know, the life changing kind comes from making the right decision every single day. It’s about developing discipline. The only thing standing in your way is you.​ It’s a journey you shouldn’t have to do by yourself. The staff at Rejuv Medical are amazing to work with and the support system I had in my small group workout sessions were key to my success. I’ve been through the program twice–and I’ve seen the process work for me twice like clockwork. I lost weight before my pregnancy and again after. I’m happier, healthier, have more energy and I love being in photos again. Thanks to the folks at Rejuv Medical for helping me get my confidence back!”

Ashli Overlund