The Rejuv4LIFE Jumpstart Cookbook

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Back to the Basics…

You have tried it all to control your weight; calculating food points and counting calories, choking down protein shakes, pills and potions to get to your promised perfect proportions…forget about all that!

Real, whole food served in proper portions is where it’s at. If mother nature made it, we are meant to eat it. We weren’t intended to survive on deep fried French fries or stuff made out of a box. We need to eat whole foods, not half foods…foods full of gunk are junk! Cellular health depends on good nutrition. And when your cells are happy, nourished and balanced, your body will thank you. A healthy, natural diet will lead to a healthy, natural body and not only for you, but for your whole family.


Please accept this Jumpstart cookbook as our gift to you to help you get back into the kitchen and focus on fresh, nourishing food for you and your family. Enjoy!


I had to learn to cook. I am by no means one of those people who just throw things together, but you can learn to do this on some account. Whether you are a fantastic cook, or have only made box mac’n’cheese, you can learn to cook a new, delicious way, and you need to for you and your family, and our community. I spend way more time in the kitchen now, but it is worth it. I have a happy healthy son, my husband and I feel the best we have in years, and we all cook together.


Janna Vilen

M.D. , Rejuv Medical

Now you have another reason to cook …

Many of these recipes have been inspired and adapted from multiple cookbooks to make more family friendly, food allergy/sensitivity friendly, and hopefully easier to meal prep and prepare for busy people trying to get back into the kitchen and relearn how to cook for our families.