Non-Surgical Orthopedic procedures for chronic pain, injury and arthritis, influence your body’s natural healing response to regain mobility quickly and without invasive surgery. These regenerative treatments eliminate the need for opioids and other potentially addictive pharmaceuticals. Even when other healthcare providers have exhausted all options, even if they have tried physical therapy, or other injections therapies, such as cortisone, but have not seen the results, Now there is hope for you! These Regenerative Medicine treatments at Rejuv Medical are making a huge impact with patients just like you. Even if you have been told you need surgery, it’s not too late, there is a good possibility that you could avoid such surgical procedures. Yes, there are logical times when surgery is the correct option, but it should be the last option.

Experience Rejuv Medical’s award-winning care, our unique approach focuses on innovation, optimization and integrative treatments that have propelled Rejuv Medical to world leaders in redefining healthcare.