Spark of Rejuvenation 5K Race - April 14th, 2012

Free Family Gym Membership in Waite Park.
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This race will launch the GRAND OPENING of the
Herold P. Nelson Healthy Living Trail


As we spring into Spring, it’s time we REJUVenate our commitment to our health. What a great way to “spark” this commitment with the Spark of Rejuvenation 5k Fun Run/Walk. The City of Waite Park and Rejuv Medical are partnering together with the first annual Spark of Rejuvenation 5k Fun Run/Walk. The City of Waite Park has committed to promot­ing the health and wellness of the community and is excited to partner with Rejuv Medical for this event. This event will begin at River’s Edge Park along 10th Avenue North in Waite Park and will end along the new Healthy Living Trail along 3rd Street North. More details of the route will be provided. All proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society. 

Registration starts at Rivers Edge at 7 a.m. 5k Run/Walk starts at 8 a.m. on April 14, 2012

Training For A 5K From A Pro

If you want to run your best why not train for a 5k like a pro.  These are the first two training steps you should be taking to help run your fastest race or maybe run your first race this year.  These first two runs are used by pros and can be used by you just as easily. 

Long Run

Most people have heard of getting a long run in each week.  Here is my advice.  Get your long run in every 7 to 10 days.  If you are training for a 5K shoot for a 4 to 10 mile long run.  If it is only your first 5K feel free to taper it back a little.  It’s not the end of the world if you don’t get all the way up to 10 miles.  If you are looking to run a half marathon you should be ranging between 10 and 18 miles for a long run.  If you are training for your first half marathon then you should lean more towards the 10 miles, but those with more experience should easily shoot for the higher end here.  These long runs should be run at a relatively easy pace.  You are looking to build your aerobic base, so there is no need for complete exhaustion here.    

Tempo Run

What is a Tempo Run?

Your next training run is very common if you have been running for a while.  For those new to running it is a tempo run.  Think of this as a threshold run.  The tempo run is designed to increase the rate at which your body recycles lactic acid.  When your body can do this more efficiently you can run farther and faster without burning out.  Kind of cool right?    

So, many of you are thinking how on earth do I go for a tempo run.  You want to think of running a pace where you are on the edge of your threshold.   If you went any slower it would be easy, and if you went any faster you would burn out.  Once again if you have not been running much start easy with 5 minutes at tempo pace and build your way up (8 minutes, 10, 12, 15, etc).  You can go up to 25 minutes for people training for a half marathon and for some experienced runners even longer.

If you want to get specific paces for your runs you can actually get tested.  This is the best way to figure out your pace, and it is relatively easy if done with a good exercise physiologist.  Two rules of thumb you could use in the mean time are run just a little slower than your 5K pace for beginners.  For more experienced runners you should run at a pace that you could handle for one hour.  Remember you should not be completely exhausted from this.  You should reach that perfect state of I feel great because I pushed myself but can still go on with my day.  If you still have questions please consult with a trainer to give specific guidance. 

My last training tip is to run a race this spring to gauge your fitness level.  This will give you a great starting point so you can judge where you are at and then run again this summer to beat your time or possibly a competitor.  As I mentioned in my previous letter there are some great races coming up.  We have our Spark of Rejuvenation 5K April 14th for those looking for a 5K.  The 5K can also be used as a great training run for your upcoming Half Marathon.  For those looking for a Half Marathon there is one of my favorites on April 21st the Earth Day Half Marathon.

Try out these runs and get a race in.  We will touch base in a few weeks with your next training steps.  Get out and start so you’re on pace for trainging for a 5K.

Tim Moes, CPT


Registration starts at Rivers Edge Park at 7 a.m. 5k Run/Walk starts at 8 a.m.
on April 14, 2012
(For details see map below)

We are close to the date of the race!

Therefore, you may email the completed registration form to and bring your payment with you the day of the event.

Please send payment to:
Rejuv Medical WLPC
Attn: Spark 5K
210 3rd Street North
Waite Park, MN 56387

Check Payable to: Rejuv Medical



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