Medically Supervised Weight Loss

J.R. Burgess is a qualified weight loss professional. As a member of the Rejuv Medical team, Mr. Burgess will personally ensure every single client is equipped with the tools, knowledge and support needed to accomplish his or her weight loss goals. You see, weight loss isn’t about a number, it is about a lifestyle. A healthier you often equates to a longer and better quality of life.
Rejuv Medical supervises weight loss. No two people are made alike. We are all unique and we all have limitations. If you have a medical condition, specific injury, or have just tried to lose weight in the pass and couldn’t - please contact us. There are many reasons why one person’s weight loss program will not work for another. Your goals are our goals! And, if you have challenges, we understand. In fact, we accommodate those challenges to ensure your success and health.   
Rejuv Medical’s expert team is comprised of a  medical doctor, physical therapists, exercise physiologist, and certified personal trainers. No other weight loss program can encompass the  knowledge and certifications that we have. Rejuv Medical is truly the most complete weight loss program in the area. Gyms are cookie cutter businesses that make money through a monthly fee, not if you are losing the weight or not. Rejuv Medical thinks of our clients as more than a number. In fact, we take the time to consider your current health and weight vs. past weight loss attempts vs. your goals. We evaluate you as a person, not a paycheck! We will guarantee your success or your money back! 


Personal Training One-on-one individualized workout program suited to your fitness goals. Your trainer will also work with you on how to maintain your results through healthy lifestyle habits. Each training session includes dietary guidance, motivation and accountability.

Metabolic Testing

This exciting technology measures resting metabolic rate. After adding in your lifestyle and exercise calories burned, we can pinpoint the most calories you can safely consume and still lose weight. This technology is very important and is a huge asset for the successful of your program.

Grocery Shopping Tour

  • Cruising the aisles to find all the healthy foods and saying goodbye to the bad ones
  • Comparing your favorite products and finding the healthiest options
  • Learning how to read labels
  • Learning all the healthy products to use
  • Learning to calculate serving size and calories
  • Learning to make healthy balanced meals

Lifetime Health & Fitness Guidebook

This book is designed to give you the knowledge to help keep
you fit and healthy for the rest of your life. It will contain all the
information you have learned while training at Rejuv.

  • Nutrition Guidelines
  • Individualized Meal Plans
  • Food Journaling Pages
  • Tips for Success & Personal Success Stories
  • All Previous Exercises Performed While Training
  • Body Composition Measurements and Assessments from Training Sessions
  • 200+ Healthy, Balanced and Delicious Recipes


The information on this site is solely for purposes of general patient education, and may not be relied upon as a substitute for professional medical care. Consult your own physician for evaluation and treatment of your specific condition.

Rejuv Medical Clinic is in close proximity to Central Minnesota's surrounding cities that include Saint Cloud, Sartell, Waite Park, Sauk Rapids, Rice, Saint Augusta, Luxemburg, Clearwater, Clear Lake, Becker, Big Lake, Elk River, Monticello, Buffalo, Annandale, Kimball, Hutchinson, Rockville, Cold Spring, Richmond, Saint Joseph, Avon, Albany, Melrose, Foley, Milaca, Princeton, Pierz, Little Falls, and Brainerd.


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