Stem Cell Treatments Pioneered in Saint Cloud, MN

Dr. Baumgartner was the first Minnesota physician to partner with Regenexx a few years ago. Dr. Baumgartner saw the promising effects of what Stem Cell Treatments could do for his patients and decided to offer this non-invassive procedure.


More content is coming soon relating to each pain point of the body. So if a link doesn't go to exactly the content you were looking for, know that soon it will be seperated by symptom area.

Forehead Back of head
Thyroid and Face Back of Neck Back Shoulder
Front Shoulder
Chest Shoulder Blade
Biceps Triceps Middle Back
Abs or Stomach Forearm Elbow
Low Back
Hand and Fingers Groin and Hip Wrist Hip Glutes
Quadriceps Hamstring
Shins Calfs
Ankle Achilles
Foot and Toes

Stem Cell Treatments


Regenexx® Stem Cell Treatments: Unlike a standard stem cell procedure, Rejuv Medical has learned to take this procedure a step further and has launched a version of advanced stem cell and platelete procedures from Regenexx®. There are two types of procedures, the Same Day(SD) Stem Cell Treatments and the Stem Cell Plasma(SCP) Procedure. By catergorizing these two procedures it has made it easier for the patient to decifer between the two. Though these procedures can not guarentee results for all, there have been many studies done by the Regenexx® group that are proving the results are effective and worthy of practicing. Rejuv Medical continues to strive in pioneering medicine.


Stem Cell Treatments Featured On The Doctors

Regenexx was proud to announce their appearance on “The Doctors” TV show Jan. 25, 2012. The show featured Dr. Centeno and Dr. Hanson in the clinic and lab, as well as Dr. Hanson in their LA studio with patient Barbee James, our patient who required stem cell treatment after a failed micro fracture and continued problems following traditional knee surgery.
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Stem Cell Results in MN

Rotator Cuff Tear Success Story Using Stem Cell Treatment

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