Fattest State?

Oh no, Rejuv Medical will not allow Minnesota to become the Fattest State in the country. We know better than to allow this to happen. We are posting a challenge to everyone! We need your help!

Minnesota's 50,000 Pound Weight Loss Challenge

Challenge Scale CountdownSeveral major news stations and newspapers reported some amazing, and rather shocking statistics about the obesity epidemic. If you would like to read the stories, click here to do so.

Obesity Rates: According to the "F as in Fat"

This study is projecting that Minnesota's Obesity Rate will climb from it's current status of 25.7%(*CDC) in 2011 to an estimated 54.7% of Minnesotan's will be overweight in 2030.

The Obesity Solution

People in Minnesota are finding it to be challenging to find proper education and exercise resources to battle this from home. The resources are not limited, as a matter of fact, it is so vast it can tend to become overwhelming and ultamitly, keep individual's from researching solutions further. Also when we research weight loss solutions in local search engines, the results are heavily cluttered with sales pitches and gimicks. Leading many american's to frustration, disappointment, and expensive failures. These measures are unneccessay and Rejuv Medical is here to help.

How the 50,000 Pound Challenge Works:

Rejuv Medical is going to give every Minnesotan a FREE 3 Week Fitness Program. Simply request the program on the right. Here is what it will include:

  • 3 Weeks of beginner and advanced workouts.
  • Bonus** Personal Trainer Exercise Idea Guide (75 Body-Weight Exercises)
  • 3 Public Conference Calls: Getting Started - Rejuv's Dietician's Advise On Food Allergies - Support Systems.
  • Rejuv For Life Meal Plan
  • The Rejuv Medical Cook Book: 300+ Very Clean Meals/Recipes
  • Weekly Health & Fitness Tips, To Ensure Your Success.

What Rejuv Wants In Return

The only thing we ask in return, is for your communication. We ask that everyone who uses this program or is inspired by this program, report back to us the number of pounds you lost. We will keep track and the scale will continue to go down. We will not give up until the scale on the left of this page reaches ZERO! Join us in our mission and 'Share' this with your friends and pass on the message to others in your neighborhood, promote it in your business. Together we can put an end to the Obesity Epidemic in Minnesota! Come 2030 the Obesity Rate will go down versus go up! Let's Move Minnesota from the 10th largest position to the top ten healthiest states!

Live Comments & Achieved Weight Loss:

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